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The airline cricket team

cricket team

Professional cricket in Pakistan has a few peculiarities. Lots of matches from this country can be wagered by visiting the betting platform. Until the late 2010s, there were many squads that represented state companies and entities. One of them was the Pakistan International Airlines team.

As it can be already guessed from the name, this squad was supported and financed by the airline of the same name. They existed between 1960 until their dissolution in 2020. When looking at the track record of this squad, it is possible to see that they were quite successful. They were able to win lots of domestic competitions. All these tournaments can be wagered by visiting the 1xBet betting platform.

Dominating Pakistani cricket

The cricket squad of Pakistan International Airlines featured mostly in cricket matches that were played in the first-class variation. Specifically, it played more than 400 contests, and their ratio between wins and losses was almost 3 to 1. This is an impressive record, and shows their level of success. Currently you can bet on cricket match on on the best teams from this country.

The team took part in different championships in Pakistan. For example, there is the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy. They won this competition on seven separate occasions between 1969 and 2012. In fact, this makes this squad the most winning team in the history of this championship. Right now you can bet on lots of cricket matches on the 1xBet website, and it features many Pakistani competitions of this sport.

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Another competition where the squad was highly successful was the National One Day Championship. Between 1980 and 2012 they lifted this trophy 11 times, which is also an amazing feat.

Lots of great players

Obviously, no team can reach such a level of success without fantastic players. The Pakistan International Airlines squad was not the exception. In general, Pakistan produces great players, and 1xBet offers best cricket scores, which can be used to follow how these cricketers are performing.

Some of the most illustrious names to ever play for this squad include:

  • Imran Khan;
  • Asif Mujtaba;
  • Anil Dalpat;
  • Wasim Akram;
  • and Zaheer Abas.

All these names played on the team during different periods of its existence. They were crucial in helping the Pakistan International Airlines cricket team become a very powerful squad. The best cricket scores are offered by 1xBet, and followers can use it to know how their favorite squads are doing.

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