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Some Types of Bifolding Doors for You to Finalise One for Your Home

Bifolding Doors

Bifolding doors selection is not an easy task. You have to give importance to many factors in this case. Apart from configuration and the door design, many other things are considered and customized so that the doors will not only work for what it is meant to do, but will also add a sense of beauty to the place where they are installed. 

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Types of bifolding doors 

Here are some of the many kinds of bifolding doors options for you to make the right choice. 

  • Concertina or single bifolding doors

This is the smallest type in the world of bifolding door family. They are referred to with both their names and are chosen as the alternative doors to the standard door setting. These doors will be designed with hinges in the middle so that they open up by folding in between, and can be tucked against the nearby wall. Hence, it is a great choice for places where there is not much space for door installation. 

  • Two-panel bifolding doors 

For replacement of the French doors or the patio doors, this is an ideal choice. When opened from both sides, the doors will slide on the panel and will be available to open in only one direction. The closing side of the door will have an addition of floating mullion and this is common in almost all kinds of two-panel doors. 

  • Room dividers 
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With the improvement in the designs and styles in the doors, it has become possible to work on any kind of panels today. One such introduction to the world of bifolding doors is the room dividers. These are just like the single bifolding doors with multiple hinge attachments on them. They can be opened by sliding them to one side. 

  • Three-panel doors 

These kinds of door designs are available in two configurations. You can go with the idea of one door hinged for the access or can have both the doors hinged in such a way that they work in the same direction. You can go with the access leaf installation to such locations where there is more movement of people through the doors. 

  • Four-panel doors 

These types of doors can be designed with multiple configurations. You can get them installed to open either in one direction or in both directions. The middle doors can open like the hinged doors by swinging them on both sides with the help of the knobs. Even number bifolding doors are ideal to go with this design, and the odd number of doors in any area may require addition of a leaf. 

Many such designs in the world of bifolding doors are available for you. You can choose one that can work perfectly for your home or building.

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