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How to make Money with social media Tik Tok

social media

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps on the planet, here is how it works, users film videos up to 30 seconds long, and can choose from a database of songs, effects, or sound bites. Using AI technology to customize your experience — “Swipe” and “like” The more you use this app, the better Tik Tok understand what you like. It really helps the content creator to connect to the target user potential followers. 

Therefore, TikTok is a great tool to send out message to your target user. With 500 Million activity users, Tik Tok is a gold mine of opportunities. In today’s social media, the more followers we have the better chance we could utilize these followers to make money.  Do you want to make money but do not want to go to a company and work? A global short video community app Tik Tok can make your dream come true. 

The talented users of Tik Tok have many options to earn money.  Comparing to 2017, the total web celebrity (more than 100,000 followers) has increased 51% The web celebrity that has more than 1,000,000 followers has increased 23%. The users and followers’ numbers substantially increased and it is going to continue to increase in the future. Until April 2018, the total followers were increased over 25% compare to last year, around 588 Million followers. The total value of “Web Celebrity Industry” is worth more than 16 Billions. The “Web Celebrity industry” is booming, but the question is how could be actually benefit from it, and make extra money for ourselves. 

The more Followers the merrier.

Just like any other social network, the secret way to success is making yourself noticed by the viewers. Get as many followers as possible, and this requires regular video uploads. The more followers mean more influence to the social media app, even though it is not easy at first, but it could be extremely rewarding. Here are some of the most effective ways to obtain new followers in Tik Tok.

Be creative! Content is very important; it defines the channel. Based on successful web celebrities’ pattern, most of them have their own theme of their videos, and they continue to make these video with similar theme. The themes could be about Sports, Dancing, Cooking, Hiking. The consistency of theme helps users to make the decision to follow the content creators because they know next time the content creator would post another other video relate to dancing (example) that the users would like. There are some new treands on Tik Tok that not just dancing and singing, the users are starting to like videos that have educational purpose. 

Hitomi, a content creator on Tik Tok who has generated more than 800,000 followers within last year. The reason of Hitomi’s success is related to the content she creates. She makes videos of the wrong and correct way of doing exercises in Gym. Unless a person is professional trainer, we usually have a challenge when we are in the gym that is we do not know how to use the equipment in gym correctly. That is one of the main reason why some of the people stop going to gym, because lack of the knowledge of equipment. 

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But now they could watch the demonstration on Tik Tok for like 30 seconds. No long tutorial videos, because the limit length of the video on Tik Tok, the content creator has to squeeze the content in 30 seconds, that means users could spend less time to understand what it looks like to do a accurate exercise on a machine. People love these content and would love to share it with friends as well. By creating content with short videos, answering questions and weibo, Hitomi has over 1 millions followers and it is keep increasing. 

Sama, a great cook that loves to make videos. Nowadays, people like to cook for themselves, because it could be healthier compare to restaurant food and cooking has turned into a life style. But the problem with cooking is we are not good at it. We are not formally trained on cooking by anyone, and now we need to make a meal for ourselves or friends that coming to visit us next week. 

This is the problem Sama is trying to solve on Tik tok, by giving all the ingredients and martials that is needed for a meal and teach the users how to cook it within 30 seconds. It sounds too good to be true but Sama’s video has become very popular, with vivid video and sound effects, Sama’s cooking video is short and easy to understand. She creates contents in short video and weibo stories which brings her 1.5 million followers in one year. 

 social media

Another keyword for attracting followers on Tik Tok is out of bounds. People want to see things they can’t do on their own, for example parachuting that makes the user think from “how can he do it” to “This is so cool and I want to share with my friends”. Doing something people can’t do will make them want to follow brave content creators. Video footage of celebrities or beautiful people is also very popular. 

Users want to see handsome people, and that’s the truth. Sometimes content creators don’t need any talent to make cool videos that people will love. Handsome people can look into the camera and smile and get a large following. If the content creator is not very confident about how they look, don’t worry, making beautiful friends is easy for most of us. If not, then go after celebrities. Most of the users want to get likes for their idol videos. Creators can also take advantage of their talents, if they know how to play the piano, do magic. Users love learning and watching this talent show, and if you want to get followers instantly please read here – Buy TikTok Followers.

. Live Chat is the money maker!

If you want to earn from Tiktok, after you have a reasonable number of followers you need to start Live chat with your followers as much as you can. Because there is a paid emoji system that allow your fans to send you virtual gift via the APP. If your fans like you and want to send you gifts, then he or she would need to buy it using the coins purchased from the TikTok. The app has a virtual gift program; users can buy 100 coins for one dollar. The 50% of every dollar is received by the person who is performing that act, while 30% goes to Google and Apple as fees. the rest 20% is Tiktok’s revenue. Also, live chat is a great way to connect with your followers, they would ask you questions like “how’s life lately” and “what’s is exciting”. The questions sounds familiar, because these are the questions we ask our friends and families. By connecting with the followers like friends, it builds connections and loyalty. 

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. Promote!

The popular users of Tik Tok get contacted by brands who want to promote their product through popular user video. Because one video could have millions of views, it is one of the trending approaches to get huge exposure. Brands pay a lot of money to Tik Tok users for promotion, sometimes when Tik Tok user have nothing to do brands send them the gift with a note where their name is mentioned. This is a good way to show appreciation of Tik Tok users work and that they want to gift them something.

. Restaurants and hotels and more!

Tik Tok users can also be paid guests at restaurants and hotels. Restaurants and hotels invite them to their location to attract more people to the event. As a result, Tik Tok has become the platform for the people from where they can showcase their talent and earn a considerable income.

. Open your own online store.

After generate more followers, the content creators have build trust with their followers. It is going to be a lot easier to convince these people to buy from you, especially for daily necessities and clothes. Try to imaging if a content creator wears a fancy cloth in a video, and the followers and people who view this video are asking about where he or she bought this fancy cloth. The followers want to buy it too! To dress like someone that they admired. All the content creator need to do is put an amazon link under the video. The followers are going to buy them. Again, it depends on how many followers the content creators have, but having these potential customers as followers is the best thing from the sales perspective of social media.  


. Joining MCN (Multi-Channel Network) 

A multi-channel network (MCN) is an organization that works with video platforms such as Tik Tok, to offer assistance to a channel owner in areas such as “Product, Programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization and sales, and audience development in exchange for a percentage of the ad revenue from the channel. Joining MCN is beneficial, it means content creator is not doing this alone. They have someone to reply on. 

. Conclusion

Social Media (Tik Tok) is a great way to generate followers and easy to convert followers into income. The market is booming and would create more demand after 5G is established. If someone is creative and he or she does not like their boss, we see a new option for them to make money, and please do not feel surprised, base on the study nearly 44% working people wants to make money on social media part time or full time.  

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