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Samsung vs Redmi Xiaomi Which is Best?

samsung vs redmi

samsung vs redmi xiaomi which is best?

In this post, we are going to tracing out about smartphones difference. We are going to show you samsung vs redmi. So, let’s find some explanation on xiaomi vs samsung.

In the market of smartphone there are the numbers of companies but only some companies are winning the heart of the users by providing the best services and features on their phones. If we list out the total smartphone company in the world then we can find more than 50 in numbers. Among all the topmost companies are Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Nokia, OPPO, VIVO, etc. Among the topmost brand if we focus on an Indian market then the well-established brands are Xiaomi in No. 1. After Xiaomi, we can find Realme, OPPO, One Plus, Samsung, etc. Mainly we are focusing on Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones. let’s find out which is the best from the topic, “xiaomi vs samsung”. 

samsung vs redmi
samsung vs redmi note 8 pro


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samsung vs redmi

1.  Series
The first thing to roll out from these two smartphones brand comparison is series and sub-brands. These smartphone brands are trending in the mobile market. If we talk about the series of Samsung Galaxy then we can find more than 10 series. The series are Galaxy A series, Note series, J (Joy) series, S series, M (Millenial) series, E (Elegant) series, Mega and Mini-Series, Ace Series, Grand Series, On series, etc. In the case of Xiaomi, there are not enough series as like Samsung. There are 4 different series of smartphones in the Xiaomi brand. Poco, Redmi (Including Redmi Note), MI A series, and CC series (new) are the series of Xiaomi smartphones. Due to a large number of series the consumers get multiple-choice to switch the right models as their budget and needs. It doesn’t mean Xiaomi fails in this case. Xiaomi also providing multiple options to the users by providing the varieties of smartphones series that runs on both custom UI and Android One. If we talk about Samsung then the newer version of Samsung smartphones is running in custom Ui called One UI. But in the case of Xiaomi, the MI A series is running in Android One to provide regular updates to the users for minimum 2 years. This is the plus point in the side of Xiaomi.
samsung vs redmi | samsung a70 vs redmi note 8 pro
samsung vs redmi sar value
2.  Price Range
In samsung vs redmi topic another point that we notice is the price segment of the phone. If we talk about the price segment of the Xiaomi brands then the price segment is limited to the middle range. In Xiaomi we can find Redmi series as a budget series and MI series as flagship series. The price range of Xiaomi brands are not as high like Samsung. The Samsung smartphone price segments fall from the budget to the flagship level. Starting from minimum cost to high cost. J (Joy) series, M (Millenial) series, Grand series are the budget series of smartphones from the side of Samsung. If we talk about the flagship series then we can find S series and Note Series.

       Although Samsung brands have a large number of series it is now a step background of Xiaomi in the Indian smartphone market. The main reason for backwardness in the Indian market is due to the arrival of Xiaomi brands in 2014. As compared to Samsung, Xiaomi company has no large number of series but it has high features in low price. As compared to Samsung Xiaomi smartphones are cheaper and provide more features at the same price. This is the positive point of Xiaomi and negative points for Samsung.
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3.  Brand Value
After finding out the samsung vs redmi or xiaomi vs samsung it is also necessary to check out the brand value of the company. The brand value and goodwill are also the necessary aspect required for the growth and increase of the sales of the company. If we talk about Xiaomi then it is new to the market as compared to Samsung. Xiaomi arrives in Indian smartphone market at the end of 2014. In startup of this company in India, the market share was not as strong as now. But as compared to other smartphone brands Xiaomi grows in the fastest way in the Indian smartphone market.
xiaomi vs samsung | samsung vs redmi vs realme
samsung vs redmi brand
 Now around 25% market share of Indian smartphones is in the hand of Xiaomi.
In another hand, the arrival of Samsung smartphones in the Indian market is old as compared to Xiaomi. Before 2014 Samsung smartphones were the king of the Indian market. It was the most selling company in India. The brand value of Samsung is strong as compared to Xiaomi in worldwide. The goodwill of Samsung smartphones company is very high in throughout the world. On the side, Xiaomi is also gaining goodwill from Indian customers by providing After-sales service facility, best mobile in budget price and high features in low prices.
4.  Market Share
In samsung vs redmi if we notice or check out the market share of both brands in the Indian market then we can find Xiaomi is at the top. As the report of 2019, the market share of Xiaomi smartphones is around 26%. In another hand the market share of Samsung smartphones in India is around 20%. The smartphone market share of India is covering by Xiaomi brands. Xiaomi is a chinse brand. As compared to Samsung Xiaomi’s company is small. We can say Samsung leads but Xiaomi wins in Indian Smartphone market.
The main reason to increase the number of Xiaomi users is due to its value for money features. Xiaomi is providing smartphones for cheap price as compared to other brands. Due to its cheap price and high features the requirements of low-income people also get fulfilled. Another reason for the increment of Xiaomi users is due to the economic standard of the country. The majority of Indian and Nepali are from MCA (Middle-Class Abaye). So, it is quite impossible to afford high-quality phones to them but after the arrival of Xiaomi, it is being possible to afford high-quality phones in low budget.
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Samsung is the world’s biggest smartphones brands having branches in many countries. The world market share of Samsung is very top as compared to other Chinese brands like Xiaomi, OPPO. If we talk watch the market share of India then the majority of market share is in the hand of Chinese companies. In the context of samsung vs redmi, Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO, and Vivo are the top Chinese company covering the highest market share in the Indian market by replacing Native brands. If we check the current data then Xiaomi is and other Chinese brands are trying to pushing out Samsung brands slowly in the Indian market by providing the best value for money.
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