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We know that since past few years, there has been tough competition around the world, especially when we were on the verge of facing the most unprecedented fear of our life of losing jobs. But to help you from onwards that you don’t face this insecurity in the future, you must need to upscale your knowledge and understanding, meeting up to the industry requirements. In this article, we will be talking about the latest SAFe® 5 Release Train Engineer (RTE) Certification Training Program (RTE Course) which is being offered on the online learning platform of Knowledgehut. Knowledgehut is an immersive platform for all the learning enthusiasts who continuously seek to pursue new career and field and want to get certified with the apt courses at the right time. In this regard, we provide you with the most of the golden opportunities so that you can excel in the field of your choice by getting professional certification from the globally accredited training partners.

The present article specifically talks about the latest SAFe RTE Course in which you will be trained to be ARTs i.e. coach Agile Release Trains and how to drive end-to-end high value deliverables as a SAFe RTE. In the course you will be taught the ways to coach ARTs and Agile teams by using innovative processes and Agile mindsets.


As a Release Train Engineer, you will extensively play a huge role in effectively leading an Agile Release Train to deliver high value end product at scale. As a skilled RTE, you need to learn about navigating through the challenges and impediments that may arise from aligning with the large development programs. You gain a firm grip on to scale the lean practices, and facilitate a smoother communication between the team members and the stakeholders in order to remove the critical risks and always lean towards the continual improvement of the team and the organization as a whole.

Our latest SAFe 5 Release Train Engineer Certification course is a professional designation which is being offered by the renowned Scaled Agile, Inc. to only those selected practitioners who complete our 3 day training course imparted by a SAFe® Program Consultant and competently able to demonstrate their skill and understanding by clearing the SAFe RTE certification exam in your very first attempt. 

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With the rise in globalization, advancement of technology and existence of volatile markets, it becomes imperative for every organization to adopt a framework that helps them standing out in this competitive market. So, as to lead, be able to lure more customer, and most importantly to survive in the competition, it is crucial for the organizations to go for an Agile transformation.

There are more than 70% of Fortune 100 organizations that prefer to leverage or adapt SAFe framework by Scaled Agile, Inc for the wide transition of their enterprise to increased Agility. As per the data of Scaled Agile, there are more than 8 Lakhs or skilled practitioners that have gained training of SAFe RTE up to date and honestly, the numbers continues to rise.

As a SAFe Release Train Engineer, you become part of an elite group of industry SAFe experts who are in huge demand across the top organizations of the world. The reason behind the increased demand of RTEs is because they posses unique skills when comes to keeping the priorities clear when to manage the expectations of the stakeholders and accordingly align the project team towards high end product delivery. To help you gain the value and become the part of niche group of SAFe experts, our SAFE Release Train Certification Course is a golden opportunity for you to get equipped with requisite skill set, validate it, and stand out as an Agile transformation leader in the industry. 


If you are not sure from where you need to start to get the latest SAFe Release Train Engineer certification, then just follow the process that we have curated for you to get acquainted with the simple steps to get certified as SAFE RTE. 

Below listed are some of the simple steps that you need to follow to get certified as a SAFe Release Train Engineer:

Step 1: You need to get complete training by a Scaled Agile authorized training partner such as Knowledgehut, and attend a one day training program delivered by a SAFe expert practitioner i.e. a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC). 

Step 2: After attending the course, you become eligible to take the latest SAFe® 5 Release Train Engineer exam, so take it, and ace the exam in your very first attempt.

Upon the successful completion of your one day training program, Scaled Agile will send information on the SAFe RTE exam with your login credentials. So, log in and take the exam, clear it by scoring at least 45 out of total 60 questions.

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Step 3: Once you clear the exam. You officially become a certified SAFe Release Train Engineer, however the certification and your digital badge will be sent to you within 5 to 7 working days.

There are absolutely no pre-requirements that you need to fulfill in order to attend the RTE course. However, for better understanding of the concept, it is highly recommended that you come with basic familiarity with the principles and practices of Agile. Also, it is to note that candidates with a previous experience of working with a SAFe team or having a certification in any SAFe course would be at advantageous position of grasping the learning process quickly. 


  • You will be able to prepare for the SAFe RTE course/exam so to crack it and become eligible for the certification. 
  • Gain the knowledge by learning through case studies, activities, and real-world simulations to become finally able to execute ART process flawlessly in your organization.
  • Learn to coach the Scrum Master, leaders, and also the entire teams regarding working as per Agile mindset and culture.
  • Learn the techniques to drive high end value across the organization. For that, you will have to learn application of Lean agile tools and practices to release value.
  • Act as a change agent in execution of large solution and leading the entire program
  • Continuously work towards nurturing of non-stop improvement in the projects with an effective action plan.
  • Learn to become a servant leader and how to create and coach high value ART
  • Establish PI planning and facilitate the communication of its calendar, and properly execute events and rituals concerning SAFe.
  • Create a healthy work environment; act as a channel for smoother communication between the team and stakeholders.
  • Learn how to use metrics in order to ensure transparency and reliability in the ART and its work environment.


Knowledgehut brings to you the latest course on SAFe i.e. SAFe Release Train Engineer Certification which is highly sought after these days by the individuals to gain skills and become an impactful servant leader in a leading SAFe enterprise.

The SAFe RTE certification will give you an advantageous edge over your non-certified peers to get noticed at first stance by the recruiters and command salary of your choice. So, enroll today and accelerate your career path.


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