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Read about the latest crime stories in India – check out the newest updates!

latest crime stories

Crime stories in India are now taking over the internet. With a new Netflix show coming out a few months ago called “Crime Stories: India Detectives”, viewers get the chance to see the Bengaluru police see how crimes occur in India, how they solve crimes, and what they do to keep the peace in their city.

Along with the current Netflix show bringing light to the status of police work and the crime world in India, there are current news stories that can broaden our horizons and open our eyes to what is really going on in other places in the world besides the comfort of our own home, town, and city. 

Let’s see the latest crime stories in India that should be getting media attention all over the world! 

The latest crime stories in India – read to stay up to date and aware!

RAID on milk collection center

One of the breaking news stories in India refers to the crime that happens at a milk collection center – something very important and dear to citizens in the local area. There has been a case that was followed against four individuals who were charged with raiding the milk center in Sinar, a Pakhare village. The four animals were brought up on charges, with one of them being arrested in collaboration with the crime. To read more about this story and check out more details, read the rest of the breaking news crime story on

Criminal raid in Tadipar Sarai

One of the main stores in the Indian newspapers today is the raid on Tadipar Sarai. The Nashik city police are on the hunt for a specific criminal who was living in an inn within Tadipar Sarai without permission and illegally. The Mhasrul police station dealt with the crime and arrested Ganesh Dhotre for the allegations. 

Marital harassment

One of the latest stories that are breaking in India is the subject of marital harassment, which included domestic violence, emotional abuse, and physical abuse. One of the main cases that have been filed at the Gangapur police station was about a brother-in-law and sister-in-law. The case followed a husband who was assaulting, haranguing, and harassing a woman who was married to another individual.

The Gangapur police were in charge of dealing with this case, focusing on Vishal Ramesh Parekh who was conspiring to commit a crime on the married woman to get money and receive a profit. The married woman filed a complaint at the local police station to avoid the harassment and ensure no damage was done. Curious about more details? Read more about this breaking news story on 


As you can see, staying up to date with the local news and breaking news stories in other countries can help open your eyes to what life is really like in other cultures. By reading, you can broaden your horizons to see what others are going through daily.

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