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Python is used widespread across the globe in processing numbers, texts, images, or scientific data and it is also helpful in finding well-known apps in different development environments. By learning python, one gets a hands-on expertise of knowledge which becomes a valuable asset, mainly if an individual seeks to build their career in the field of Python Programming.

In this article, we will be talking about the latest Python training course which is being offered on the immersive learning platform of Zeolearn Academy to help you gain in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Python concepts. So, without further ado, let us get started with this informative article:


In this comprehensively designed Python training course of 24-hours, the interactive sessions will be conducted by the experts of Python who will train the participants of the course in the efficient writing and running of Python scripts using more advanced features like regular expressions, file operations, working with binary data, and lately the extensive usage of the functionality of segregated Python modules. 

The Python Training course will be a blend of theoretical and practical experience of progressive learning, giving the participants with a bets opportunity to try a hand on examples taken from real world context. You get to learn about design philosophy, Python architecture, basics of application, packages, and scripts in Python programming and also the platform to unit test the Python apps. 


It is not a hidden fact from the world that Python has been steadily gaining over the popularity among the software developers of the industry. The reason behind its increasing popularity is that it has the potential to carry out easy integration with other working technologies to offer a stable and higher productivity, especially while working in the project of large scale with volatile requirements.

Considering, the importance of Python programming and the necessity to get equipped with its functioning has made Zeolearn Academy to offer a comprehensive course of Python Training. The course provides a great platform for the individuals to completely get a in-depth understanding of the concepts of Python and become competent enough in creating of Python readable code which is both simple and robust with full functionality.

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Opting for the Python Training course at Zeoloearn will impart you with requisite knowledge and skills about the basics of script, architecture and design philosophy and basics of apps and packages which you will master through the hands-on real world scenario sessions.

Zeolearn Academy offers the training mainly in two modes i.e. online and e-learning. The participants has the option to choose the mode as they wish and get access to all interactive sessions, materials, webinars, and guiding presentation by getting registered on the portal. The training will be provided by the highly trained professionals who have an extensive year of experience in the industry of teaching Python programming.


The Python training course is a one day instructor led interactive live sessions to get immersive practical training of the concepts of Python programming such as follow:

  1. Learn the basics and fundamental concepts concerning Python such as variables, object oriented programming, and control flow structures.
  2. Grasp the understanding in object oriented design of Python and extensive support libraries that are useful in creation and delivery of Python packages.
  3. Learn the application of unit test Python app and also explore the strong integrating and text-processing capabilities of Python.
  4. Get hands-on experience of working on the efficient implementation of latest technology for future projects.

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in software programming and application development and wants to start with Python can benefit from this course. So, the course is open for both the professionals and novices to app development, web development, or software programming to get certified as a professional in Python through the renowned Python certification. Below listed is overview of what all you will learn from this training program:

  1. You get an in-depth knowledge and understanding of working with extensive support libraries of Python and its object oriented design mechanism to create and delivery on-time the required python packages.
  2. Learn the implementation of unit test python apps and its strong integration with other popular software and Python’s text processing capabilities by learning the basics of scripts and writing it.
  3. Learn the proper way of harnessing the robust features of Python which will allow the user to interface intuitively with the web technologies, databases, and its document processing capabilities. 

Upon the completion of the course, the participants will become master of Python programming and will learn some of the most essential and in-demand expertise in below listed subjects:

  1. Master of fundamental concepts of Python programming which is complex but trainers make it very easy for you to learn and become able to write your own scripts.
  2. Master the basics of Python programming such as the variables, control flow structures, and the most important object oriented design programming.
  3. You become efficient in writing most of the robust code and also unit test it
  4. Master the skills of writing a code which is both crisp and re-usable
  5. Get an in-depth understanding of how to make an efficient use of modules and dictionaries.
  6. Gain the expertise of dealing with errors and also handling of the exceptions which makes the code fail proof.
  7. And lastly, also learn how to work with files to produce high programming value results.
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Towards the completion of the Python training course, all the enrolled participants will be required by the trainers to work on a project of real world scenario to get a hands-on learning experience of getting familiar with the all the concepts learned so far. The participants after this become competent to develop a Python program with personalized support from their respective mentors and the project, on which they will be working upon, will be taken out from live industry context. Upon completion of project it will be reviewed by both the trainers and industry experts who will mark you as have successful passed the test and then you will be awarded with Python certification. 

The interactive sessions will be held online and the system requirements in nothing just to have a windows computer working on good internet connectivity. Also, a headset with microphone would be very beneficial so it is strongly recommended. You may also attend the sessions from your tablet or smart phone as per your convenience.


There are certain pre-requisites that you need to satisfy in order to take up the Python course. The prerequisites as mentioned below are given keeping in mind the need to grasp the understanding in a more detailed way. To enjoy a better and quicker learning process in Python course, you need to be familiar with:

  • Basic knowledge of programming concepts
  • Basic knowledge of object oriented and design concepts.

So, enroll with the Python Training Course today on the Zeolearn Academy and utilize the right time to gain right knowledge in order to give a boost to your career in python programming.

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