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Pros and cons of being a stand-up comedian

a stand-up comedian

One of the most entertaining forms of entertainment is stand-up comedy. Nothing compares to seeing a stand-up comedian perform live in front of your eyes. Stand-up comedy differs from movies and sitcoms in that the comedy is unscripted and the comedian is required to make funny jokes on the spot. Today, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of stand-up comedy.

4 Best things about being a stand-up comedian: 

#1 Immediate Feedback: 

One of the most appealing aspects of stand-up comedy is that the crowd applauds your jokes immediately in front of your eyes. The response seems to be almost instant. You’ll find out on the spot whether the crowd like your jokes or not. In the best-case scenario, you will be congratulated, but in the worst-case scenario, you may be mocked. 

#2 Doesn’t require acting: 

Another benefit of stand-up comedy is that it does not require you to act in front of a camera, which implies that even a camera-shy people can also be stand-up comics. It is completely improvised and therefore, doesn’t require you to remember all the lines. 

#3 A good deed: 

You make a living by making others laugh (or as part of one). Despite the drawbacks, there’s nothing like having a room full of people laughing out loud at your jokes. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the universe.

#4 Boost in social life: 

You get to hang out with other comedians, and when they’re nice, it’s a unique kind of companionship. At gigs, you meet comics and create a bond that leads to a great friendship. Meeting new people allows you to learn from them and get valuable experience, both of which are essential in the life of a stand-up comedian.

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4worst thingsabout being a stand-up comedian: 

#1 Constant pressure: 

A stand-up comic is constantly under pressure to come up with new jokes to keep the crowd laughing. He is constantly under pressure to come up with new stuff in order to keep the audience’s attention.

#2 Struggle is real: 

Major success is a long shot that often takes years to attain. You’re more likely to end up slugging it out on the regional circuit for money than rising to the top of TV panel programmes, let alone landing your own comedy.

#3 Low pay: 

For the first several years, you’re either losing money on travel or barely scraping by on low-paying gigs. If you don’t have any other resources, this can be a major problem.

#4 Time consuming: 

If you want to be any good, you’ll need to write and practise a lot, which is difficult if you have a job. It’s considered polite to stay until the finish of a show and watch the other comics which can be tiring and time consuming. 

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