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Are you in search for free guest post submission in our both site? 
We are providing a great opportunity to every blogger and writer to write and make a post article in our site Androidspring and Whatidea1 for free of cost. 
If you really want to publish an article on our website then it is very simple as compared to another site. The minimum approval of your article on our website is around 12Hrs. 
Write for us

Advantages of doing a guest post in our site

1.      It's completely free as compared to another site.
2.      Short time approval. The approval time is around 12Hrs.
3.      No high-quality content. If high-quality them better.
4.      2 Backlinks for each post. 
5.      Helps in making friendship with whatidea1.
6.      Helps in the development of your writing skills.

Requiremetns and Guielines for free Guest post submission

1.   Unique content

2.   Minimum words of the post is 700 words.

3.   Non rewrited post and copy form others.
4.   At least 1 image for the post.
5.   Author Bio including Name and Website URL.

Categories for writing guest post

1.   Android
2.   Windows and Computer
3.   How To
4.   What Is
5.   Technology Opinions
6.   Gadgets Reviews
7.   Tips and Tricks
8.   Difference Between
9.   & Many More (For many more you can contact us)
Submit your Guest Post at in .docx or .pdf format.
For more info. Please send a mail t

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