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Movies that can be watched on the eve of Christmas

Movies that can be watched

If for you Christmas is a quiet, family and cozy celebration, then our selection of the best movies that can be watched in the evening, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, is exactly for you.

Let’s skip everyone’s favorite, but still a little cheesy options like Harry Potter, the Grinch or Home Alone, and go now to a little less famous, but still wonderful and heart-warming movies that can be watched.

Four Christmases

This remarkable movie is filled with hustle, bustle, and certainly great actors – Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Duvall, Jon Favreau, and many others. Where is the Christmas mood here, you ask. It gave the fact that the main characters of this film are faced with the task of attending four holidays at once in the families of their divorced parents. Of course they will face many obstacles, awkward situations, will meet cougars or absolutely insane characters, but you can rest assured that this couple will easily turn all they have to deal with into funny and amusing moments.

Deck the Halls

What could be more interesting than observing the war of neighbors from the side? The film provides viewers with this opportunity. Two families move to a quiet suburb and become neighbors. Steve Finch adheres to the rules everywhere, and his neighbor Buddy Hall is impulsive and sometimes gives a lot of trouble to others. They get along well at first, until Buddy finds out that the neighbor’s house is a little larger.

Jingle All the Way

Now it’s time for the classics.The main character (the unique Arnold Schwarzenegger) devotes little time to his son, he is at work all the time. Deciding to please the boy with the best Christmas present that can be – a Turboman figurine, he goes in search of it. And finding this coveted figurine is not easy. He needs to go around the whole city, and he is not alone, there are competitors everywhere who want to please their kids. While the main character Howard is knocking down on his feet looking for a gift, the son wonders where dad has gone, and a neighbor is trying to seduce his wife.

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The Holiday

This is perhaps the most romantic film in our selection. The heroine suffers from unrequited love for her selfish boss. It turns out that he is also engaged to another.. On the other side of the world, at the same time, successful in business, another woman finds out that the groom is cheating on her. Plans for the future collapse in one second. The heroines decide to change everything drastically and change houses – a mansion in Southern California and a small house in the English province.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The best Christmas cartoon from Tim Burton about the king of horrors who kidnaps Santa Claus. However, the kidnapper has good intentions: he himself wants to take the place of Santa Claus in order to feel the spirit of Christmas and learn how to give people a holiday, and not just chilling horror. Only now the habit of scaring small children makes itself felt, and the night before Christmas turns into a nightmare.

Surviving Christmas

The hero of this unusual Christmas movie is rich, but very lonely. And at Christmas he comes up with an original move: he pays the new owners of his childhood home to become a member of their family during the holidays. The problem is that our hero and his new relatives have completely different ideas about the New Year’s idyll. Everything is complicated b the fact that while the guy dreams of gatherings by the fireplace and family dinners, all he seems to witness is only quarrels and squabbling. 

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