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Listing the top 5 reasons to choose genuine Toyota parts


Do you know that Toyota Tacoma is the vehicle with the lowest fatality rate compared to other light – pick- up variants on the list? (2021 – statistics from multiple financial domains). Well, for the record – the Japanese automaker proudly calls its usage of genuine partseven in the second-hand car repairing process, the reason for its success. A wide supply chain enhances this process. For the record – you may check to garner specific details related to genuine Toyota parts supply .

However, as a novice, you may have queries regarding the pros of only using genuine parts. Also, you may want to know a bit more about Toyota’s supply chain, which makes it a winner. This content will elaborate on the details of the same. So, why wait? It is time for you to get to the details – 

Why should you choose genuine Toyota parts?

The answer should be simple – because they are the best. However – as a buyer, you may not be all that satisfied with this response. Quite natural. Given that it is your money and surely your word should be the last in that respect. So, here are some of the reasons that will assure you of the reasons for choosing genuine Toyota parts. 

#Reason 1 – Assured Quality 

The fact that by using genuine Toyota parts you will be assured of quality is a critical point in responding to your query. The original brand parts may pinch your pocket upfront, but they will maintain your Warranty Period notification and not deteriorate your vehicle’s resale value. 

Apart from that – choosing an aftermarket product could lead you to choose a counterfeit that harms your automobile in the long run, and that too in the worst possible way. Therefore – in this case, a better investment prospect looks better than chasing a deal!

#Reason 2 – Expert Advice 

When you visit the registered Toyota center to choose genuine parts, additionally, you get expert advice – a necessity to maximize your automobile’s longevity. The trained instructors guide you through the restoration process, thereby enabling you with the required automobile intelligence. 

#Reason 3 – Compatibility is an essential factor 

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Another reason you must choose genuine Toyota parts is – compatibility with the vehicle. Multiple adverts may have told you that aftermarket parts are equally compatible and you will have no issues associated with the same. But that is far from the truth, and it is only with a registered Toyota part that the compatibility matches. 

#Reason 4 – Meeting the safety requirements is the key to success 

Safety concerns are one of the biggest reasons for opting for genuine Toyota parts. The Japanese automaker holds a record for its cars being involved in the minimal number of accidents globally on an annual count. It is their ‘make’ that makes them better than others. So, choose the original to keep yourself safe. 

#Reason 5 – The Warranty Period is significant 

It is no secret that Toyota’s Warranty period is a deciding factor in most of the investments that you will make in your car. Therefore – if you do not invest in genuine Toyota parts and choose to go with either aftermarket parts or get the parts from a non-authorized dealer, that could easily affect your warranty period. If you do not know, it may also void your warranty period as well!! 

Again, the fact that using aftermarket parts would lower your car’s resale value in the market is no ‘breaking news’ to your vehicle-related knowledge. 

What is the issue with aftermarket parts? 

Now, this is a genuine question that you may have given that using aftermarket products is a norm. Also, it is no secret that aftermarket parts can save your cash up to 75% of an Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) auto part. As per the quality? Well, most of the aftermarket parts can take on genuine Toyota parts, or that is what atleast the repairmen tell you. 

However, there are certain salient features that may not make aftermarket parts such an immediate choice. They are – 

  • The non-OEM parts do not have a ‘warranty period’. Therefore – the credibility is nil in this case. 
  • These aftermarket parts simply solve the ‘apparent problem’ that is detected. However – in the case of any vehicle, you need to check it as a whole rather than segments of it for a repair. When you pay a visit to the concerned Toyota auto repair shop, each of the details is checked, and the issues associated with aftermarket parts do not arise. 
  • Lastly – aftermarket parts have their own longevity, which is nothing when compared to the genuine parts that the Toyota company uses. 
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Understanding the supply chain of Toyota 

For the unaware, sourcing automotive parts in the current scenario is challenging. However – credit goes to Toyota for creating innovative technology and procedure that assist in delivering different auto parts. In fact, meeting customers’ expectations and reducing the cycle time of delivery are some key issues. This is easily solved with the genuine Toyota parts supply chain that the company has initiated. 

There are considerable resources as well as the correct set of logistics frameworks that help Toyota expressly improve its supply chain. It air-transports the required parts to feed the dynamic demands of auto parts from the Toyota National Parts Center or even the Regional Distribution Centers. 

Also, for the record – their inventory movement is specifically in tune with the random factors that hinder the transportation process. The company has coordination in place, ensuring every demand is met with the earliest supplies. 

#Keeping things straight – the company coordinates with certain Independent Repair Facilities, ensuring that the products reach them on demand. For all those domains which Toyota could not cover with its genuine Toyota parts – the company partnered with the respective technology providers to provide expedited delivery solutions. Clearly – Toyota knows the gameplan!! 

Make an intelligent choice 

As you are already aware vis-a-vis others of the benefits of genuine Toyota parts and the supply chain that it follows to craft out an auto that marks its difference – it is time to take your pick. Buying a vehicle requires an investment on multiple counts, and that too with the aim of a high return on investment. Therefore – when you pick the card, make sure you calculate the odds and then place the bet. Choose wisely to garner better returns. 


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