Jio Balance Check Number | 5 Ways To Check Jio Balance

jio balance check number | jio balance check no


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jio balance check number | jio balance check no
jio balance check
Jio is one of the most leading and popular telecom brands in India. The majority of the subscribers are engaging on Jio company to use Internet Data and Voice call. As compared to other telecom company or operator Jio is in the top list. Since 2016 Jio is providing the 4G internet service all over India. Nowadays Jio is one of the biggest brands in India having large numbers of Subscribers and Users. The main reason for gaining massive numbers of Subscribers and users is due to its services plans and pricing. Yes! As compared to other telecom company the pricing plan of the services like Data Pack, Voice Pack and any others are cheaper. You can get a worry-free or large volume of data to use in low price. So, why the people are becoming the subscribers of this telecom in India.
So, let’s find out the process for jio balance check number in mobile, jio 4g data balance check number, jio balance check code, jio balance check no, jio balance check karne ka number, jio recharge check, jio net balance check karne ka number, jio net balance check code and all about jio balance.

Jio Balance Check Number

Finding out the different process for jio balance check helps to make clear about why and how we should have to check it. Well there are many ways to check out the jio balance of your Mobile number. We can find that people or subscribers of Jio are using the different methods and process for jio 4g data balance check number. So, you can get the best and mainly possible answers for jio 4g data balance check number, jio balance check code and jio balance enquiry number.

How to check Jio balance (Jio balance check number)


Let’s check out the different process for jio balance check and choose your favourite method.

jio balance check | jio balance check no
jio balance check code


1. Jio balance check using USSD Code (Jio ussd codes)

The first and most common method to check out the balance in Jio is using the IVR service. To check out the balance in JIO.
Dial *333# and few moments your carrier information will be displayed on your screen.

2. Jio balance check by dialling at 1299(1299 jio balance)

So, you can checkout your Jio balance and subscribed plan information easily using the second method of our list. By dialling at “1299” you can get the information related to your carrier and plans validity including your main balance in Jio.
Check Jio Validity Number Toll-Free
1.     Dial 1299 and make a call (The call will be disconnected automatically).
2.     Checkout the message sent by Jio.
3.     Finally Done!

3. Jio balance check visiting the website

If you want to checkout your Jio balance (jio balance check number in mobile) by different and the unique way then you can do this by visiting an official website of the Jio. It is simple and easy to check the balance of your Jio mobile number by visiting the Jio website.

How to check jio balance Online on the official website
1.     Visit official Jio site at
2.     Sign in with your Jio ID & Password or simply sign up if you are a new user.
3.     Click on the option “Reliance Jio balance”.
4.     Hereafter a few moments of loading your balance of that number will be shown.
5.     You can check all data consumption and charges details at My Statement.

4. Jio balance check using Jio App

With the advancement of technology, people are using the mobile app method to check the balance and any choirs related to the SIM card. So, if you are a smartphone user then you can use the Jio App to check out the balance, data choirs and for any service validity.

5. Jio balance check by Messaging

To find out the balance and package packs of the mobile number is using the SMS method. You can find the jio balance easily by sending an SMS to Jio.  So, in this case, you don’t need to find out jio balance check no, jio balance check code and jio balance enquiry number. You can checkout easily by sending an SMS.
Go to the message box of your phone.
Type, “MBAL” and send it to 55333.
Jio will send the reply of the message.
Check out the message and find the details.

Jio Balance Check Number ( Useful codes and numbers for Jio Users)

Beside for how to check jio balance check reliance jio prepaid postpaid data balance it also needs to know about all the process for checking out the important and useful codes and numbers for Jio users. So, let’s see.
Know my Jio Number
Dial *1#
Know balance/ Talktime
Dial *333#
Check 4G Data Usage Information
Type “MBAL” and send to 55333
Check prepaid balance with validity
Type “BAL” and send to 199
Check Bill Amount
Type “BILL” and send to 199
4G Service Activation
Type “START” and send to 1925
Dial at “1925”
Check the current tariff plan
Type “MYPLAN” and send to 199
Caller Tune Activation/ Deactivation
Dial at “*333*3*1*1#” – Active
“*333*3*1*2#” – Deactivate
Check Net Balance
Use Jio App (Download)

Know my Jio Number

For the new users of it is sure that they don’t know there own SIM card number. So, due to this we all search for how to check my own mobile number. Therefore we go throughout the internet and search for the answer. 

jio balance check | jio 4g data balance check number

As like other here, we are talking about Jio. So, if you are in the same problem then you can follow out the process to check or know my Jio Number. It is simple to check your jio number. You can dial *1# to know your own Jio Mobile number.

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Know balance/ Talktime

So, after making clear about how to know to own jio number (Know my Jio Number / jio balance check number) let’s see how to know the talk time plan in Jio. If you are thinking and in search of how to know Talktime then it is done through the same process what you do to check your balance using the USSD method.

6. Jio balance check postpaid (Jio Postpaid Bill Check Number)

Not only prepaid users are in India and the world for any SIM and telecom network. There are also many but less than prepaid users in the world. So, in Jio also there is the facility of postpaid SIM. Therefore, let’s checkout for jio postpaid bill check number.
1.     Go to messaging of your device.
2.     Type “BILL” and send it to 199.


3.     You can find your bill and monthly usage report (details) of your postpaid SIM card.

People Also Ask For (Jio Balance Check FAQ)

1. How do I check my recharge history on my Jio app (jio recharge history)?

Sometimes to calculate the exact expenses made in recharge and data pack in your mobile phone may be necessary. So, at this time we all think about how to check jio recharge history. You can follow the given process for your or my jio recharge history.
Jio recharge history using Jio App
1.     Open the Jio App (My Jio)
2.     Log in to MyJio.
3.     Simply Tap on “View details”
4.     Here you can see all the jio recharge history made in that number.
Jio recharge history online
1.     Visit the official site of Jio,
2.     Login to your Jio account, you have to verify an OTP while logging in.
3.     Here in the dashboard click on “My Plan”.


4.     You can find all the history of your recharge including subscribed plans with its validity and availability. 

2. Can I use My jio mobile App to check balance even when am out of data?

Many people are still confused about does my jio app works without any data in our phone. Yes! It is sure that it in terms of providing the service Jio is ahead. From the beginning days, Jio is doing better for customer satisfaction. Jio have made the Jio App in such a way which helps or runs without internet data and balance in the jio SIM.


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