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How To Use Practice Questions To Your Advantage

Practice Question

Sometimes preparing for examinations can be difficult, especially since there has been a dynamic change in learning methods. Previously, a classroom was held mostly in offline modes, with teachers and students present in a closed setting. it was easier for teachers to constantly keep sharing questions that students can practice regularly, but because of the pandemic, they were forced to move online. Although more convenient, with flexible opportunities, the priority has now shifted.

The main priority for a teacher is to provide proper guidelines while adapting to the digital platform themselves. Students have also been working very hard to feel motivated while studying online rather than isolated. There is only one thing that can help them before an important exam- Practice Questions.

Advantages for students

Students benefit greatly from practice questions, they familiarize themselves with the exam format while answering in a similar pattern. Some well-known benefits are;

  • Understand topics better
  • Overcome answering challenges by looking up possible answers
  • Clearing doubt
  • Makes it easier for students to understand what kind of questions they will be preparing for
  • Helps and time management, calculating the speed at which they must solve the questions

Advantages for teachers

Besides students, teachers also benefit greatly from practice tests.

  • They can calculate progress reports beforehand
  • In case a student is suffering from an illness during the examination, they can hold practice tests marks on average
  • Making practice questions allows them to realize which topics are important for students to answer
  • Focus more on application-based questions so that it tests the knowledge of the students and not simply the learning capacity
  • Prepare students better, and provide them with a great learning experience
  • Have a different perspective to each question set to make students more adaptive through different learning forms
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Why practice questions early

The biggest misconception students have is that practice questions are useful only before an examination. Research has found that learners who make use of practice tests early on right at the beginning of the course or grade, become more familiar with the subject, making it easier for them to understand the topics.

If you as a student want to establish a proper baseline that will help you track your progress throughout the course, get hold of the best practice sheets. 

The pandemic has changed this entire baseline of education. Well-known schools and universities have switched on to taking tests online with the help of specialized software that generates question papers in a unique format. Such educational institutions also make sure to provide a detailed guideline on how to give their examination, but teachers make a point to hold mock tests that makes it easier for students to adapt. 

Review all questions

Every specimen test paper comes with a set of answers. Do not simply learn all the answers, try to review all questions while tallying the answers. This way, you can realize which topics you need to improve in. Just learning which answer is incorrect does not help, have a revision copy where you can note down why the answer is incorrect and how it can be revised. 

Only after making a learning error, you will be able to learn from all your mistakes, and eventually not repeat these similar mistakes on the final examination day.  

Types of practice questions

Every student is not used to the same kind of question pattern. Kindergartens have innovative ways of being tested, middle schoolers are simply learning about the professional ways of giving an examination, and higher education is much more complicated because of the different ways in which they are tested and marked.

  • Multiple choice
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Normally adopted as the most common form in an online classroom, multiple-choice questions are gaining ground. There is much more demand for software that generates multiple-choice questions actively from the subject matter of each course. Multiple choice questions help in detailed learning.

  • Short answers

Short answers are usually a part of the entire exam paper. If you are a student struggling with time management, you can practice solving short answers for improvement. 

  • Essay

Universities and professional examinations are known for using essay-type questions. Whenever a broad topic is studied, there is much more to be tested than specific small parts of research or the syllabus of a course. Hence, students practice essay-type questions early on for efficiently writing answers.

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