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How to throw an axe?


The ultimate guide to becoming an axe-thrower or how to throw an axe

As axe throwing San Antonio gains popularity in recent years, even ESPN has featured the sport, more people are discovering that it is an extremely enjoy able sport.

We want you all to succeed, regardless of whether you’re coming for an interested in joining one of our leagues and/or taking up axe throwing at the home.

How to throw an axe: The basics 

  1. What axe do I use?

You will need a very sharp tool to begin. The better the axe, sharper axes are more secure than you might think. They have a better chance to stick in the boards, without having to use as much force. The world axe throwing league throws axes for throwers at all skill levels. To split wood, throwing axes can’t be found at your local hardware shop. When throwing axes, it is important to keep the axes in place and not break the target. Sharp axes will not just help you stick the blade in the target, but they will also last longer on your target boards.

  1. Axe throwing target design

You’ll also need an axe throwing aim. Watl has information about how to build your own target. The watl has the tools and stencils you will need to make your target lines. Traditional targets are made up of five vertically arranged 2×10″ wooden planks, which are placed next each other. Once you have the target in place (on a target stand, on a wall, or any combination thereof), you can use the stencils and watl markers to draw it, including kill shot and bullseye.

  1. Axe throwing safety
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Safety should always be your main concern when throwing axes. Before you begin throwing, ensure that no one is between you or the target. If you’re throwing at a place or with a partner, you should make sure to bring the axes together.

  1. Axe throwing style

You can take one of the following two stances after you have checked that everything is in order.

To throw the axe, you will need to hold it with two hands. The bullseye should be approximately 12 feet away. We may need adjust the distance depending the rotation of our axe.

If you are only throwing an axe with one handed, you should line up your throwing arm with the bullseye. The target is again 12 feet away. For beginners, two-handed throwing is easier.

How to throw an axe 2-handed: Beginners

As if the axe were a golf clubs, you should be careful with how you hold it. The more rigid you grip the blade, the harder it will be for you to let go of the handle while maintaining a straight line.

  1. You can raise the axe straight up over your head just like you would with a soccer ball.
  2. Lift your arms up and bring the axe to eye level.
  3. Based on how close the axe lands to the target, we may need to adjust the distance. visit here

The best axes for axe throwing

Axe throwing San Antonio produces the best axes to throw because they were specifically made for that purpose. There is a wide range of axes available, depending on the skill level and individual preference.

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