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How To Style Long Sleeve Dresses As A Wedding Guest

Sleeve Dresses

Spending months on planning a perfect wedding day may not rub off much on you as a wedding guest, but with the air of events at the party, you’d definitely want to look gorgeous in your dress. From the sophisticated off-the-shoulder dresses to the very chic plunging necklines of wrap dresses, you’d certainly look perfect in your long sleeve attires at any wedding event.

Long Sleeve Dress Tips For Weddings

Whether it’s an afternoon party with lots of sunshine and bright colors or an evening party with the alluring feel of the moon under the skin, a long sleeve dress is a definite way to stay cool as you picture every moment. When long sleeve dresses come to mind, there’s almost always a second thought about whether the dress will get you sweaty and uncomfortable as you dance and party away. You don’t need to think twice about your perfect dress, here’s how you can style your long sleeve dresses for weddings and every event.

Choosing The Fabric Of Your Sleeve Dress

Thick and heavy long sleeve dresses can be a nightmare especially if you’re attending a summer wedding. Once you’ve decided to wear a dress with sleeves for a wedding, the next step is to select an ideal fabric option for you. Light and breathable options such as lace, chiffon, and silk crepe keep you cooler than the heavyweight choices.

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These fabrics are also popular materials for dresses with sleeves because you’re less likely to sweat in them. So it’s either you go for a light stretchy lace fabric that is convenient to bust a move on the dance floor or airy chiffon which gives more coverage than lace, or probably the silk crepe fabric that offers the most coverage from the three.

Comfortable Dress Styles For Any Season

While you may be thinking that long-sleeved dresses offer extra warmth in summer, that’s not the only case. You can play with fashion trends and styles to up your dress game. Your sleeved dress can also be a sheath dress, a loose maxi dress, a wrap dress, an off-the-shoulder dress, a one-shoulder dress, a backless dress, or an ankle-length flowy dress with thigh-high slits.

Any of these details still looks fabulous and keeps you from feeling suffocated in the dress. You can amp up the glam factor of your dress with pearls, rhinestones, and sparkly sequins. Guess the even better solution to a summer dress with sleeves? A dress with detachable sleeves. This look is perfect for the bride so you don’t take all the eye-catching moments from her.

Opt For Breathable Shoes

Stylish and comfortable footwears are best for attending weddings in any season. Instead of ditching heels because your feet might swell due to the heat and long periods, go for heels with lesser heights and structured straps that provide support for your feet. You can also carry along a backup pair of comfortable shoes that you can easily change into. If you’re still unsure, choose other breathable options such as flats or block-heel sandals with a touch of glamour.

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Keep Cooling Products and Items Handy

You can add the stick-on cooling patches used by parents to reduce fever in children under your dress, provide relief from the heat, tone down your body temperature and keep sweating at bay. These patches and even sticky pads are made of cooling gel and water which can stick to the skin and provide about eight hours of cooling relief under your dress.

Using deodorants can also help to cool your skin. Men’s deodorant is typically more effective than women’s, plus, it has more neutral scents. If you have sensitive skin or are wary of the products you put on your skin, then you should carry a hand fan, a spray bottle to spritz yourself with, and bottles of water to stay hydrated as you battle the heat.

Final Touch Ups

It’s important you invest in quality dress pieces from notable brands and we would recommend buying your long sleeve dresses from SunsetFashionLA. They are a notable online fashion store for its quality round-the-clock wardrobe staples.

Once all these are in check, you’re just about ready to step out for that wedding looking all glammed up. You don’t need to stress yourself worrying about how to stay cool in a long sleeve dress when you’ve used these tips. Your hair, makeup, and other accessories you would be wearing all depend on the style of your dress. Be it a summer wedding or a winter wedding, you’d definitely look gorgeous and remain as fresh as possible.

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