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How to Make Home-Made CBD Healing Salve?

Home-Made CBD Healing Salve

Until recently, hemp and its products were tied exclusively to the textile industry. Since scientists discovered that this plant and its derivatives have numerous health benefits, CBD product manufacturers have introduced many products in the market like CBD oil,  CBDspray, etc,. In this article, we will learn how to make home-made CBD Healing Salve.

As it’s one of the most beneficial hemp derivatives, the buzz about CBD is not without reason. This compound has shown a positive effect on many diseases, from skin conditions to more severe conditions such as cancer. Cannabidiol has thus found its application in both the medical and cosmetic industries.

After seeing the benefits of hemp and its products on web sources like Cheef Botanicals, many people have started growing this plant (in countries where it is allowed). The benefits of these plantings are manifold, given that most commercial products can be made at home. One of them is CBD salve, a broad-spectrum topical product that everyone should use.

Conditions Home-Made CBD Healing Salve Can Treat

CBD salve is a wax-based product, without the addition of water or any other emulsifiers. It can contain nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and similar. A certain amount of cannabidiol is injected into the wax, and its concentration should be indicated on the package.

This product can be used for daily skincare because it has hydrating and nourishing properties. It’s proved to be an excellent pimple remover, but without the harsh effect on the skin. Also, CBD salves can be additional therapy for severe skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea.

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On the following source, find out how these conditions happen: 

Since it’s made from natural products, CBD salve has no side effects. That is why it’s safe to make it at home, especially if you have grown hemp. You can choose which cannabis strain you want to make salves from, whether it will be THC-free or not, as well as which ingredients you will add.

Make the Home-Made CBD Healing Salve Infusion

The base is easy to prepare, and what is a more demanding part of the job is the making of the CBD infusion. The shortcut is to use CND-infused oil or buy dried buds. Still, home-made salve means that you are entirely familiar with the product’s composition because you make it.

If you have your cannabis plantation, you should make decarboxylated buds from which the best CBD will be derived. Simply put, you should ‘toast’ the raw cannabis buds a bit. You can use a few grams of raw flowers, but dried ones are necessary due to the stronger aroma and cannabidiol BD amount.

Making CBD-Infused Oil

Place a dozen grams of raw flowers on a tray lined with wax paper. Half an hour of baking at 250F is quite enough to dry the buds without getting a bitter, overbaked aroma. The content of CBD and THC (if any) will remain preserved.

In a double boiler, heat a certain amount of coconut oil (one cup and a half). Add 10 grams of dried cannabis flowers to it. Stir for about half an hour and check the temperature. Do not let the mixture to overheat (over 150F), because then cannabidiol loses its properties.

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After another half hour, strain the mixture through cheesecloth. Be sure to wear gloves because the oil is hot. Allow it to cool to room temperature.

Preparation of Salve Base

The base of the CBD salve should be thick. You will need beeswax for this (more on its benefits read here), and if you want, you can make small variations by adding Shea butter or coconut oil. Anything of similar consistency as the wax will do.

In a pot on low heat, mix a third of the beeswax salt and all the oil you made. You can replace one part with some carrier oil, for example, olive oil. Stir until combined and completely liquid. 

If desired, you should now add essential oils, vitamin E, jojoba extract, or anything that has a proven positive effect on the skin. Immediately after removing from the stove, pour the mixture into glass containers. After it hardens, the salve is ready to use.

CBD salve has a long shelf life, even when you make it at home. Store this product like any other cannabidiol-based product, shielded from direct light, heat, and airflow. Use CBD salve whenever you need it, and if you are bothered by the weed smell, add a few drops of essential oil as desired.

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