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How to Live a Week Without Stress: Top 12 Tips for Busy People

Without Stress

Often we make trouble for ourselves and get nervous trying to untangle the tangle of mishaps. This makes our anxiety levels skyrocket. Start an anti-stress program for a week, or if you like it, forever, and life will get better!

Set Two Alarm Clocks

One for the morning and one for the evening so that you wake up and go to sleep at about the same time. You have no idea how important sleep is for well-being! Just try at least one week to go to bed and get up on a schedule. The result will surprise you.

Take Breaks

It’s impossible to work 8 hours in a row productively. You will inevitably slow down, get distracted and make mistakes. When you switch from one task to another, take a short break and forget about your work for a few minutes. Lock yourself in an office or find a secluded place where you can relax and catch your breath. Rest can be different. You choose what you want today: a walk in the park or gambling at a legal online casino. Regular small breaks will help you work more efficiently.

Make a Plan

With a plan, you won’t have to worry about forgetting something important or being late again. Besides, a plan written down on paper will allow you to allocate your time wisely and become more productive.

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Don’t Put off Until Tomorrow

This is especially true for important tasks. If you do not perform them today, at home you will be stressed because of the burden of responsibility and will not be able to rest.


And if you can’t do everything in one day, develop a system of priorities. Evaluate your tasks in advance and divide them into “do today,” “do within a week,” and “can be postponed.”

Fix or Replace Things

Even a bad pen can ruin your mood for the whole day, let alone a kettle with a loose lid or a computer that constantly freezes.


Make a list of things that need to be fixed, so that the things around you will be comfortable to use.

Put Things in Order

Take care of order at home and at work. Then you will not have to panic to find the necessary documents in 2 minutes before an important meeting. In addition, a tidy house and tidy workplace lift your spirits.

Get rid of Frames

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you’re not cut out for anything? For example, you’re too old to change careers. Or your figure isn’t good enough for a short dress? Those thoughts are fundamentally wrong. You are free to do whatever you want: jump on a trampoline, learn to be a bus driver, and even buy yourself a teddy bear.

Praise Yourself

We tend to focus on what we can’t do. However, their own success somehow do not notice or even belittle, believing that success – is something to be taken for granted. Think about what you can praise yourself for today, this week, this month, or this year.

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Get Plenty of Rest

You can lie on the couch and stare at the ceiling, worrying about unfinished tasks. Or you could go out of town or make a snowman in the yard. The best rest – a change of activity. So you won’t think about work, you will feel invigorated and ready for a new day! Moreover, you just do not get a guilt trip for wasted hours.

Say No

Say no when the requests of others are uncomfortable for you. If necessary, explain why you said no. You may be able to come to a compromise that doesn’t violate your boundaries. For example, if your boss gives you a task and you’re already overwhelmed, discuss what of your current work can be postponed or reassigned to colleagues.


Try to get up every hour and do a warm-up. Both at work and at home. Even better, exercise for 40-60 minutes 2-3 times a week.

Physical activity promotes the production of dopamine, the hormone of joy. So that any exercise automatically reduces stress levels. And a sense of pride in overcoming yourself and your laziness will increase the effect!

Pay Attention to Your Appearance

Most people don’t like the way they look. Of course, you can’t create a perfect body in a couple of days. But there are things you can do even now. Go to the nail salon, change your hair, or buy the clothes you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Even small changes will make you smile at your reflection in the mirror! And your worries about your appearance will go away.

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