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How To Keep Your Bones Healthy?

Keep Your Bones Healthy

Do you experience joint pain more often? Do you want to make them stronger? You need to work on your diet. You should add food rich in calcium to your diet. You might not know that 99% of the calcium is available in our bones and teeth. The rest is found in body tissue and blood. 

Our bones also store calcium for the body in case it runs out of calcium. When your body does not get enough calcium from your diet, bones help to fill the gap. Moreover, if the amount of calcium is increased, it goes out from your body through urine. Having enough calcium is important, otherwise you could have bone loss. 

What the Significant Components Of The Skeletal System – 

If you go deeper into the topic of the respiratory system of human body, you will understand that an articulate cage responsible to protect the lungs is also capable of expanding to power ventilation. It is a vast topic to cover. The skeletal system has 4 prominent components called Tendons, Joints, Ligaments, and Bones. 

    • Talking about the bones, they are regarded as the rigid form of connective tissue. It is predominantly composed of calcium indeed. 
    • Ligaments are responsible for connecting the ends of bones to form a joint. They are also important to carry organs in the right place. 
    • The next on the list is Tendon which is not only a tough but flexible band. It is made of fibrous connective tissue responsible for connecting the muscles to bones.
  • Joints are quite important and responsible to hold the entire skeleton. It helps to support the movement. They can also get grouped based on structure and function. 
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What Are The Prominent Types Of Bones – 

When it comes to understanding the skeletal system of the human body, the type of bones is quite important to know. There are prominently 5 sorts of bones in the human skeletal system. They could be long, short, flat, sesamoid, and irregular.

  • Long Bone plays a major role to help in the context of facilitating movement. Moreover, they also help to support the weight of the body. Long bones are regarded as the articular surface where ligaments and tendons are attached at each end. 
  • Short bones are known for imparting stability as well as movement, especially in the wrist joints and ankle. They hold cube shares and hold quite similar lengths and widths. 
  • Flat bone is responsible for protecting internal organs including lungs, heart, and brain. It holds a large surface area so that muscle gets attached. 
  • Irregular bones are next on the list and sizes and structure vary accordingly. Irregular bones mean they would be catering different functions as per their location. They protect the spinal cord. 
  • The motto of sesamoid bone is playing a major role to protect tendons. They are also responsible for eradicating friction. They wear on the joint surface. They are generally small in size and hold shape. It is found in the knees, feet, and hands. 

What To Add To Your Diet – 

To make your bones stronger, you should add more green vegetables, nuts, legumes, soy, whole grains, flax seeds, unhulled sesame tahini, and so on. You should try different recipes using these things so that you could have taste and health at the same time. 

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An adult requires 600 to 800mg of calcium every day. You should keep having fruits and vegetables more often. You should add leafy greens to your diet. It will truly help in the context of calcium absorption. Fruits and vegetables and leafy greens are rich in magnesium. It also takes calcium loss away from bones. 

Apart from it, you should also pay attention to physical exercise since it is quite important. Your bone density will also improve when you do regular exercise. 

Conclusion – 

If you maintain a healthy diet, your bones will remain healthy indeed. You would not have joint pains. Your health must be your top priority always.

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