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[Exclusive Update] How to Increase Laptop Speed in 2021?

Increase laptop speed

Are you facing issues in your laptop’s speed? If yes! Then you’re in the right place. Yes, here we’ll provide you with the ultimate guide on how to increase laptop speed? So, this ultimate guide will surely help you to get the best quality results.

Well, as a marketer or digital entrepreneur, it’s essential to optimize the speed of the laptop. Yes, we often face this issue at the time of operating the computer. If we don’t get quality speed, then put concentration and energy have also broken down.

So, now the time comes that we’ve to solve this problem permanently. Yes, here we’ll provide you with the ultimate guide on how to increase laptop speed! Yes, if you properly go through this guide from A to Z, then you’ll surely get the best quality results.

Is it Possible to Increase Laptop Speed?

Yes, it’s possible to improve laptop speed. It’s all about optimization and using some techniques. If you follow those techniques, then you’ll surely be able to enhance laptop speed. Yes, don’t worry; we will point out all the methods here.

So, if you are facing speed-related issues, then you’ll surely get rid of it after using these tips. But, here you should have some technical knowledge to understand all these things.

Actually, in this article, we’ll enlist all the possible ways that can effectively work in improving the laptop speed. Yes, you just have to implement these tips properly to get the best quality results. So, without wasting any time let’s go to the main points;

Top-Rated Techniques to Improve Laptop Speed/Performance

Well, here we’ll point out all the recent and updated techniques. You can simply follow up those techniques to get the best quality of results and getting improved your laptop performances. All these tips are proven so you can simply implement these tips without any doubts;

1. Delete unused programs and Files

Very often, we don’t use some pre-installed programs and files. So, it’s beneficial by deleting all of these. Yes, if you want to improve your laptop speed, then this trick will help you a lot. It’s an easy trick, or anyone can do this.

With this trick, you’ll get the best quality performance. So, this trick will help you a lot. In most cases, we keep some unnecessary files on our laptop that we’ll not be needed in the far future as well. So, we can simply delete those programs and folders quickly.

Well, you can run the virus scanner, automatic file delete the software. This software can be useful in removing all the unnecessary files. So, it would be easy to control and delete all the unwanted files for your system.

2. Uninstalled Unused Apps

It would be an effective way to improve or boost up the speed of your system. Yes, you can simply uninstall all the unused apps. It’s very beneficial and acts effectively. That’s why we would like to recommend this technique to enhance the speed of your system.

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Well, if your device offers limited space, then this would be the best way to improve the speed of your device. Yes, clean up all the unwanted apps that you don’t use in recent times when you feel the need for those apps then you can simply reinstall them.

It’s damn easy and the most effective way of deleting unused programs and files. Well, one crucial thing that you’ve to keep in mind is not to go with Mod types of App because these apps take ample storage space, and it can enhance the cyber threat as well.

3. Upgrade RAM

Well, it’s one of the most effective ways to develop the speed of your system. If you’re using a laptop, then you can simply upgrade the RAM. Yes, most of the cases in computers, you can’t upgrade RAM more than 8 GB.

So, you’ve to keep it into your mind, the thing is to improve the speed of your system, and it’s quite easy by upgrading your RAM. So, always try to buy a laptop with a higher RAM and quality performance of RAM.

Improved RAM’s performance is something that will provide you with quality and user-friendly experience. Yes, you can simply experience the high-speed operation with quality speed. That’s why you should upgrade your RAM versions.

4. Reinstall your OS

It’s also one of the most effective ways to increase laptop speed. Well, in this way you can simply experience the best quality performance. Yes, you can uninstall the OS and, after some time, reinstall that particular operating system.

It’s also an easy process, but here you need some technical knowledge. No! Not so much technical knowledge but, basic thinking to remove the operation system and reinstall it without losing any data.

One important thing is, don’t use any out-dated operating system. Well, it’s the time of Windows 10. So, always try to go with this operating system. It’s very beneficial in a lot of perspectives, including security and functional as well.

5. Swap out for an SSD

Well, SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Yes, if you’ve used HDD, then you can simply get to know the benefits and effects of SSD. Yes, SSD can provide you with the best quality services and pretty simple operations.

Yes, not all laptops support SSD. So, choosing the best laptop with core i5 is very important. If you get to choose the best quality SSD rages about 256GB, or 512GB, then you’ll get the best quality services and running experience.,

These SSDs can simply boom up your system’s speed. So, you’ll experience the best quality services. Actually, it’s far better than HHD. So, many experts like to suggest using 512GB SSD to experience the fastest speed within a pocket-friendly budget.

6. Take a Look to Your Web-Browser

Well, sometimes, small settings play a significant role in improving your laptop’s speed. So, it’s essential to look into your web-browser on which you spend your maximum time. Yes, it’s necessary to know all about the web-browser and setting in the web-browser.

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Yes, it’s a fact that as a Digital marketer or an expert, we’ve to spend considerable time with those web-browsers. If you do changes some minor setting that it can be effective top improve the speed of your system.

Well, here we’ll provide you with some settings that you can do to increase laptop speed. These are like as follows;

  • Clear all Caches: Yes, it’s an easy way to increase the speed of your laptop. You can merely clean or clean up all the caches present on your system. It can act effectively. So, many experts like to suggest this tip.
  • All-time Browser History: Hmm! You can delete all the time browsers’ history. It’s quite easy to do. And, this is the most effective way to get the best quality of improving your system’s speed. But, very often, we neglect this trick.
  • Don’t use any Theme: In many cases, we use to customize the theme on the browser like chrome. I don’t know you do or not! But I do it. So, if you want to increase laptop speed, then it’s essential to use themes.
  • Don’t use More Shortcut: Well, if you’re using any back-dated version of Windows, then it’s essential to update it. Yes, because if you add more shortcut keys, then you may have to face several issues, including the speed problem. So, always try not to use more shortcuts on your laptop.

7. Try to Shift to Macbook

No! Actually, it’s not relevant to improve laptop performance. But, if you want to improve your productivity and quality work within a short time, then you can simply go and use a quality Macbook with an updated operating system.

Many entrepreneurs like to suggest going with quality Macbook. It actually helps you in several perspectives; these are like as follows;

  • Operating System: A Macbook comes with a quality operating system. It’s totally different from Windows. Well, it’s damn secure, and you’ll experience the best quality services with this operating system.
  • In-build SSD: All MacBook comes with in-build SSD. So, you can simply experience the best quality of support with quality operating on any software. It works far better than HDD. If you compare or use a 512GB HDD and 512GB SSD, then you’ll surely get to see the result.
  • Branding: Well, MacBook is a product of Apple. And Apple is a well-known name for all. Yes, so with this product, you’ll surely experience the best quality brand-value. It’ll surely add extra glamour to your personality.


Well, here in this article, we’ve included all the possible tricks that can be used to increase laptop speed. You can simply use these tips to get the best and fast running experience of your laptop. Our tips and your implementation will surely help to improve laptop performance.

Yes, all these tracks are proven, and we personally have gained quality results by applying all these tips. So, we can ensure that these tips will surely provide you with the best results.

I hope you like this entire discussion on the best ways to increase laptop speed. If you like, then don’t forget to hit the sharing button and share it with your friends. Stay tuned for the next update, and thanks for reading.

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