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How to Fix Corrupted SD Card With Causes

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card With Causes

Sometimes our memory card stops working or fails in storing the files on it. If you are in problem with the damaged sd card then don’t worry we have a solution for that. Here we are discussing the topic of how to fix corrupted sd card.

There is much reason that leads your sd card to damaged. Due to this many users are in trouble while storing the files, photos, and movies on it. If your SD card is damaged then you are not able to access that car. Not only that we have found the files stored on that drive get useless and can’t run as like normal files.

In fact, the majority of external storing drives are not long lasting as compared to internal drives like internal storage. Although external cards like SD cards are not long-lasting the usage of such drives seems to on use.

So, in a corrupted SD card or broken SD card, we are not able in storing the data. Although it stores the data will get corrupted and become useless after some time. That’s why regarding this we have prepared an article “how to repair damaged sd card” with the reason behind this.

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card

To repair corrupted sd card we have different tips and steps to be followed. If you are facing the problem of not moving, copying, and finding the full copy of any files then make sure that your ad card is going to be damaged.

For fixing the damaged sd card we can follow the different steps from simple to complex level. So, here we are going to list and explain the top steps on how to recover a corrupted memory card.

Reason! Damaged SD Card

Do you know why and how your sd card gets corrupted? Well, it’s one of the basic and primary things to be known by every smartphone and computer users before finding the solution for how to fix corrupted sd card. If we go for the review then we can find some reason that leads your memory card to be damaged.

  1. Problem on OS

SD card gets damaged easily if your operating system is not performing well. Yes, it is found that the reason for SD card corruption is due to the problem with the Operating System. Here we are talking about the problem with your computer or mobile phones. The problem may be an internal error on your device.

That’s why before make sure your device is okay and running normally before connecting external devices and drives like SD card.

  1. Ejecting the Drives Suddenly

Although there are no rules regarding inserting and ejecting the drives we may have to face some problems while ejecting the drives. Here many people used to do a mistake at the time of removing the SD cards and Pendrive from the computer or mobile phones.

It is found that majority of the users used to remove or take out the SD card or pen drive without ejecting it from the setting. Here I mean to say that we are not following the correct procedure for removing the external drives from the devices.

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To remove the SD card safely we need to close all the programs and media running from that drives / SD card. I want to suggest that remove the SD card from your device by mounting it or by making your phone switch off. Also, in terms of laptop and desktop, you can remove that SD card or pen drive by clicking on the right side of the drive on the “Eject’ option. So, it’s one of the problems and solutions for how to fix corrupted sd card.

  1. Malwares and Virus on Drive

The majority of the users think that the reason for the damage to SD Card is due to the virus on it. Well, it’s true we can find the damaged sd card with the malware on it. There are different files and folders found on the SD card that decrease the storing efficiency of the memory cards.

That’s why to fix a corrupted sd card you need to make your memory card virus free. For that, you can do it by cleaning from time to time or by neglecting the files receiving from the infected devices and other smartphones.

  1. Interruption in Storage Device Formatting

A simple and regular mistake used to do by almost the users is formatting the drive. We have found that for easy deletion of the files and folder users use to format the drives. In fact, the formatting process is good and easy for making your drive free but the regular and multiple times of formatting may lead to a problem on your SD card or any file storing drives.

That’s why don’t be over smart and keep on formatting the drive for easy clean of the SD card. In another side / in some cases, the formatting process also helps in making your corrupted SD card work.

  1. Physical Damage

Damage of the SD card due to the time and other various reasons also stops working. The SD card gets damaged if it is not used for a long time. Besides this overheating process also damage the SD card and stops working.

Dropping on the water, insertion of dust, and others are also responsible for the damage of the SD card.

4 Ways to Fix Corrupted SD Card

To fix a damaged SD card you have different steps. By following the topic of ‘how to fix corrupted SD card’ you are able to make your SD card work. So, let’s make an explanation of the process.

  1. Using it on Other Devices

Sometimes the particular SD card may not work on the preferred device. Due to various reasons, some Memory Card may not work on your device. That’s why you don’t need to worry about your SD card is gone.

You have still hope by checking it. For that, you can use the same SD card on other devices. For example, if your mobile phone doesn’t detect or fail to load the data from the SD card then you can check it on your next phone/laptop or any supported devices. Besides this, you can also check it on your friend’s and families’ devices.

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Here are some cases we found the SD card still working on other devices by neglecting yours. So, here the problem SD card gets solved and the problem on your phone gets started.

  1. Fix Damaged SD Card with the help of Windows CMD (Command Prompt)

How to fix corrupted SD Card, with the help of the windows cmd command it may be possible to fix your SD card. Well, it’s a simple process but you need to apply the correct command to it. For that, you can do this,

To repair an SD card (how to repair damaged sd card) insert the memory card in your windows/laptop USB port with the help of Card Reader. Here you need to make sure the drive must appear on the computer. After that open command prompt as an administrator. You can open cmd as an administrator by clicking on the right side and as an administrator form there.

Give the first command “chkdsk e:/f” and hit Enter.  After a moment you can find a message of verification complete. Finally done.

  1. Fix Broken SD Card by Changing the Driver Letter

It is possible to repair a corrupted sd card by changing the letter of the drive. You know all the local disk and external storage drivers connected on the computer give the letter to that drive like C, E, F, etc. so, here you need to do is, change the letter with a new letter.

For this process, you need to connect the SD card to the laptop / desktop USB port.

  1. Go to the Disk management settings.
  2. Find the SD card that you want to change the name. you can identify your SD card easily either by name or its volume like 14.8GB (16GB) etc.
  3. Mark /click and do a right-click on “Change Drive Letter and Paths”.
  4. From the list choose any Alphabet letter for giving the new format to your SD Card like A, B, C, D, etc. anyone.
  5. After choosing the letter click on “OK” and save the changes.
  1. Repair Corrupted SD Card by Formatting

For how to repair a corrupted sd card you need to format the drive. Formatting the drive is one of the simple and fast processes for repairing the corrupted SD card. If you are worried about the correct procedure for how to format a corrupted sd card then you need to do a right-click on your SD card from this PC/ My computer (it will open the options menu) and click on format.

So, here we have described on the topic of how to fix corrupted SD card. Beside this we have also included the main reason behind the damage of your SD card. We hope the following procedure will help in fixing your SD card.


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