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How to earn money from TikTok

money from TikTok

The new wave of engagement and content comes from the applications that have exploded in recent years. TikTok is one of the platforms that has exploded due to the interactive way in which it can keep you on the phone for hours. Some people make a lot of money on TikTok, and in today’s article, we will offer you some solutions that you can apply to try to see if you manage to generate income.

  • Growing accounts and selling them

We will start in force and talk about a method that best suits those who have tried jobs in the field of social networks. If you are not interested in a fixed schedule and hard work to grow a TikTok account, you can always choose any India Casino  to try to make money faster. If you still want to earn a steady income and become better at making money from TikTok, this is one of the best solutions we could think of.

Due to the way the TikTok platform works, you only need a little creativity to be able to grow an account and accumulate tens of thousands of followers. Some people even use songs, funny clips, tutorials or other types of content to organically grow some accounts. Once these accounts reach a very large number of followers, they can be sold for quite large sums of money. Those who buy them will use them to run ads or even to promote products.

  • Donations

You are probably familiar with the term donation. Most people who create content on YouTube or Twitch generate much of their income from donations from people who follow them. Most of the time, these donations are given during a live stream when the content creator hosts a show. As a result of these donations, the audience receives something in return, things that are the choice of the creator.

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Regarding the TikTok platform, donations can be made in the form of stickers of different shapes. TikTok users can buy virtual currency on the platform, with real money. With these coins, they will be able to buy stickers. These stickers can be given as a gift to those who are streaming live and interacting with the audience. This is how you can receive donations on TikTok. Depending on how expensive the stickers are, the more money you get.

  • Manage influencer campaigns

This activity can also be found under the name of social media manager. Whether it’s TikTok or other social platforms, the methodology is quite similar. If some entrepreneurs need influencers who have large TikTok accounts, they will need someone to handle the campaigns that are run to promote their products. A manager does nothing but handle these campaigns, talk to both parties, and take the place of a marketing agency.

You will need to find influencers and people with large audiences on TikTok, create a portfolio and convince them to set a price. Then, you will have to go to entrepreneurs, present their offer, the prices of those on TikTok + your addition, start dealing with campaigns and make a profit.

  • TikTok Ads Platform

This is the second side of a Social Media Manager. On social media, there are several ways that you can use to manage the sales and notoriety of a brand. Currently, some specialists and agencies can help you set up your campaigns well, spend your budget efficiently and get the best results. To manage ad campaigns on TikTok, you must have experience in marketing principles.

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Many customers will come to you to grow their business as much as possible, with as little money as possible. Thus, if you do not manage your campaigns properly, and your customers will spend thousands of euros, but sales will be low, it will not be ok. You need to show your customers that you can be effective.

  • Consulting

The more you become a specialist in a field, the more you will be able to offer quality consulting services. To become a consultant in a field, you need to understand the subject very well. In the case of the TikTok platform, there are not many people who can say that they are specialists. This is because TikTok is still a fresh platform.

If you are on TikTok from the beginning and you have managed to understand both the creative side and the entrepreneurial side, you will be able to offer paid advice to those who need to learn faster. You can charge these sessions per hour or per session. At the same time, you will have to offer the client something that will make him feel that he did not pay the money in vain.


Making money from TikTok is still very simple. The platform is just at the beginning and we still don’t think it has shown everything it can. With a little patience, you will be able to generate profits from anything. If you invest enough time and work hard, TikTok will reward you. Good luck!

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