How To Create the Best LinkedIn Profile to Increase Your Finances

Best LinkedIn Profile

These days, one of the best ways to get yourself out there is by using a social media platform. These sectors are definitely growing in popularity and have been getting more sophisticated for the past decade now. Each social media platform is generally geared to one type of media, whether this is photos, videos or content. If you can learn to be successful in one and reach your personal goals in life, it would not be a bad investment to learn more about the platform. Everyone knows about the job situation in the country right now. Many people are still searching for work and their futures are a bit uncertain. So, why not see what social media can do for you in this area? Can you get improvements in the job situation using a platform? As it turns out, LinkedIn is the best platform to use if your goal is to find the best job or do anything related to business. Companies use it to hire, and applicants use it to get hired. So, if you want to increase your personal finances by finding your dream job, follow these steps to create Best LinkedIn Profile and be on your way to that new job.

Start With a Story

LinkedIn begins with a profile. Without one, you cannot experience the site and utilize its tools to get a job. However, you should look at your profile as more than just an avenue to get a job. It shouldn’t be just another profile in a sea of millions of other potential applicants looking for the same thing you are. Make sure that your profile tells your story. For example, it would be a great idea for the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, D Gary Young, to tell his story about his passion for essential oils and how the business started. People, including hiring managers, love a good story.

Choose a Great Picture

Of course, the first view that any business professions will see of you is your profile picture. Make sure you put some time into selecting the best picture with good lighting, where you look your best in a professional manner. It wouldn’t be a good idea to select a picture of you with Mickey Mouse or when you are out the other night. Remember, your picture is your first foot forward, and if it immediately throws professionals off, you could be missing out on a life-changing opportunity.

Focus on the Headline

Here’s the deal. Your profile picture and your headline are naturally going to be what people see first about you. They’re not going to read a giant body of text or your resume first. It’s going to be the picture and the headline. Therefore, you want to make sure that you put some thought into this category, too. A headline should be short and eye-catching. People are scrolling through LinkedIn every day, so you have to look at your profile as competing against others. In order to come out on top, create a headline that is unique, yet still highlighting who you are. Catch their attention.

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Use the Right Words

As it turns out, research has been done to figure out which words are used in highly-esteemed profiles. There are actually certain keywords that you’ll want to display throughout your profile on the body of your description and in your headline. Words like “expert” and “creative” get a lot of attention, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just as it is with SEO, certain words push unique buttons in people and are more sought-after. Figure out which ones you should use throughout your profile and be generous with them.

List Your Skills Relevant to What You’re Looking For

Many candidates make the mistake of rushing to create their profiles. They probably heard that it was very important for them to have a LinkedIn account, and so they quickly list any skill that they can think of. They believe that if they list more skills, they will be more than likely to stand out from the crowd and land a job. However, really think about what type of job you’re trying to land and list only the skills relevant to this career. This will make it easier for hiring managers to find you as they filter through their search results.

Grow Your Network Quickly

Right from the start, you should have a plan for growing your list of followers. This should be an ongoing task as long as your LinkedIn profile is active. The reason why this is important is that these might be the people who help you get that next job. Truly, many people have found success not because they landed in somebody’s search results, but because they were referred from a person on their list. Always make friends and add people to your circle, as they could help you in the future. Also, a bigger list makes you look more influential.

Take the Assessments to Verify Your Skills

LinkedIn has added a feature for you to be able to verify the skills that you say you have in your profile. This might seem like more work, but it is necessary. You include the relevant skills on your profile, and LinkedIn will give you the ability to take an online assessment to truly show that you know about this area of expertise. Once you take and pass the test, you will receive a “verified” badge which will show on your profile. It’s been said that this increases your chances of getting hired by 30%. Don’t skip this.

Focus Only on LinkedIn

As was said at the beginning, there are many different social media platforms for you to be a part of. However, if you join too many with the intention of landing a job and building a network, you’ll just have too much on your plate. If you’re spread thin, you can’t truly maximize your efforts in one area. All it really takes is for you to be successful on one platform, and you’ll get what you want. Learn the ropes of LinkedIn and ignore the other sites. If you get successful with LinkedIn, then you can check out another platform or two.

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Share Marketing Tips

One of the reasons for your LinkedIn account is to share content with your followers to stand out more. One thing that every business has in common is that they all need marketing, no matter what industry they’re in. It would be wise to get a little education on marketing by reading a book or taking an online course, and then sharing what you learn with your followers. This will help them tremendously to get more customers, and they’ll love you for it.


Publish Long Content That Stirs Engagement

Of course, the more engagement you can create on your profile, the better off you’ll be at landing a job. This happens because when LinkedIn’s algorithm sees that your account is getting a lot of attention, it will be more inclined to reveal who you are to other profiles. So, when you create posts, plan on creating long, helpful, and eye-catching content that is geared towards generating organic engagement. Ask questions, tell stories, and talk about hour struggles to create engagement.

Be Active and Engage

Nobody cares for a profile that doesn’t engage themselves. Therefore, if you’re serious about using LinkedIn to land a job and better your finances, commit to it by swearing that you’re going to be active and participate. Join in on conversations that other people are having and share insightful ideas. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional environment, so keep it clean and helpful. When you engage in other people’s posts, this increases your chances of making new friends that could offer you a job.


Follow the People Who Have What You Want

It wouldn’t make sense to be active on your account with the wrong people. That would not give you the goal you are seeking. Therefore, make sure that the high-profile accounts you follow are the ones who share your goals and have what you’re seeking. For example, if you want to get a real estate career, the pages you should be following should be real-estate-minded. Figure out who these people are and join their page.

Respond in a Timely Manner

People can pick up rather quickly if you’re a person who doesn’t care about what they’re going through. If you come across someone who asks you a question or is trying to start a conversation with you, be sure to respond promptly. When you take a long time to get back with someone, they will get the impression that you are unreliable, and they’ll simply move on. This is especially bad when the person who is trying to get a hold of you is someone trying to give you a job.

In the end, you can have a better working LinkedIn profile and be on your way to more income. Learn the basics of this platform and see how it can work for you to create a profitable future for you.

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