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How to Create Google Tangi Account?

how to create google tangi account


As like TikTok many other companies and app are in the stage of making the best alternative to beat down the TikTok. So, in the crowd of various short video sharing app, Google is introducing its own short creativity showing platform. 

how to create google tangi account
create google tangi account for creators

The name of the platform is #Tangi. Tangi is a short video sharing app or platform like TikTok where the creators or users can create and share their creativity with the viewers. You can read all about the Google tangi app in this link.


how to create google tangi account

Creating a tangi account is much easier. The process of creating a tangi account for normal users or viewers to like, share and comment is easier than creators. The process of creating a tangi account for users is the same as YouTube (Google’s product). As compared to normal user account Tangi creator’s account is quite timely as compared.

Create Google Tangi Account

1.    If you are iPhone users, then you can simply download the app form AppStore and open the App.
2.    If not then go to
3.    Tap on the profile icon and tap or click on ‘Sign in with Google’. It automatically shows the all sign-in account in your device.
how to create google tangi account
how to create tangi account
4.    Choose any of the Google (Gmail account) and tap or do click.
5.    Now go to profile and edit the details as you wish or follow the steps.
6.    Finally Done.
(If you want to upload and share the videos (want to be creators of tangi then you have to create a ‘Creator’ account)
7.    Tap on “Apply Now” or “Creators Account”.
8.    You have to fill out the asked information in Google forms.
9.    After submitting (sending) the information your account information will be taken into the review.
10.                 Wait for some days. Check the response.
11.                 Done.


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Things to know about tangi

Tangi is short an informational video sharing platform for the creators. Using tangi the creators can share their ideas and creative arts, fashion, and cooking tips and ideas to the audience. “Tangi is where creative people can get new ideas and connect with other passionate people like them. The name is inspired by the words TeAch aNd GIve and “tangible”—things you can make,” adds Coco Mao, team lead at Google’s Tangi.
Tangi is a new product of Google based on the Area 120 experiment so it is now only available for iOS in-app version. To use tangi App in iOS the version of iOS should be iOS 11 and newer. Currently, tangi doesn’t support or is not made for Android in app form. But users can enjoy and use tangi in the web.

Some features of Tangi

Tangi features are,
1.    It is free to use like other normal products of Google.
2.    Currently, tangi provides the videos in 6 categories (Art, Cooking, Fashion & Beauty, DIY and Lifestyle).
3.    Creators can share the videos up to 60 seconds.
4.    Viewers can like, Share and comment on the videos.


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