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How To Create An App Best Ideas For A Startup in 2021

how to create an app | how to make an app


How to create an app: how to make an app, how to develop an app, how to build an app, how to make an android app, how to make an app for beginners, how to create an app for android and how to create an app for free.
how to create an app | how to make an apphow to develop an app

According to statistics, users spend up to 86% of their time using a smartphone on applications. More than 50% of transactions and online purchases go through mobile programs, and this figure is increasing every year. You must agree that to carry out all operations from ordering sushi to organizing your own business via a smartphone is comfortable. For this reason, the lion’s share of the audience gives preference to mobile programs rather than desktop services. Changes in consumer consciousness stimulate the rapid development of the smartphone software market. However, only 4% of applications reach the target audience, get a high rating and bring real profit to developers. The remaining 96% stay in the shade.
Is it possible to get into this “happy four” and develop a profitable mobile application without special skills? The answer is yes. To understand how to properly launch a startup from scratch or successfully invest in a mobile application, we consider global trends that apply to the global audience.

Monetization in mobile applications

          How to benefit from the developed program? So, after making clear about the introduction of how to make an app or how to develop an app There are five types of apps by type of monetization:
1. Free. An important clarification is shareware for the user. The best option for expanding the audience of an existing business is selling goods or services of large companies: an online store, a food delivery service or a taxi. How to make money on free mobile applications? From each order paid through the application, it is possible to receive from 10 to 30% of the profit on the commission.
2. Free with ads. Suitable for projects with an exceptionally large audience. Monetization is carried out by showing ads within the program to users. For 1000 clicks on one banner application will earn an average of 0.5 USD. With an audience of 1,000,000 users, this amount will be 500 USD. Bonuses to users inside the application itself can help in “cheating” clicks. For example, additional resources in the game or free use of closed functionality after viewing ads. You can make money on a paid service to disable advertising.
3. Paid. Play markets charge their commission for posting on their sites, for example, at Apple it is 30%, the remaining 70% is the profit from each purchase by the user. Consider how to make money by installing mobile applications.
4. Lite/Pro. Another good option is how to make money by selling mobile applications. Monetization is carried out due to the paid unlocking of extended functionality inside the application.
5. Domestic purchases. Selling new functionality within the program, for example, additional filters in the retouching application. A proven method for making money in mobile applications. If the user likes the program, a small amount is from 1 to 15 USD.

Application Development Stages (Stages Of App Development)

          The first and most important stage in creating a successful project is a specific idea. Without specifics, even a concept that can change the world remains a fantasy, far from reality. The more detail and criticism from the outside, the better.
          Turn to your close circle and state your thoughts. Simple but effective advice: when presenting a concept, don’t say that it’s yours – you’ll get a more impartial assessment and be able to analyze whether it’s a good idea or better come up with something more interesting.
how to create an app
how to create an app
          As soon as the idea passes the stage of the cordon sanitaire, it is necessary to begin to translate it into reality. There are two options: try to do everything yourself or consult a specialist.
          So, how to create a profitable application yourself and is it possible? There are two proven methods:
·                    Take an accelerated online programming course from scratch. It is a good idea if the direction is of interest.
·                    Use a platform for creating programs, for example, BuildFire. Yes, the platform will not replace a full-fledged development, but an average in complexity output program will work.
          Taking up independent development, you should do a huge layer of work and go through all the stages on which it depends on whether the project will “take-off” or fall into 96% of other applications:
1. Business expertise of the product idea – how profitable the project will be.
2. Assessment of the project from development – determination of the level of complexity of the project.
3. Application prototyping and unique design, branding.
4. Final work on the project and launch.
          The average development time is 3-6 months. With a high-quality approach, you will get a simple or medium-sized application made by yourself – a reason for pride and a good start to your business with the right monetization setting. To implement a profitable application that covers 100,000+ users, you can’t do without the help of professionals.

How To Create An App Best Ideas

Profitable mobile apps

          What does the most profitable app look like? It completely covers the needs of the target audience and interacts directly with a potential client in conditions convenient for him. In total, the market distinguishes 9 of the most common non-gaming trends that can be monetized:
·                    Services sector;
·                    Highly specialized applications;
·                    Android Instant Apps;
·                    Payment systems and wallets;
·                    Augmented and Virtual Reality;
·                    Cloud storage;
·                    Social networks;
·                    Music and video;
·                    Utilities.
          There will always be something missing from the App Store. Often, users feel the lack of narrow-profile applications, and after the release of such a program, the developer will receive an audience that is not even a multi-million dollar, but interested in buying or paying for a subscription, bypassing the competition. Therefore, an interactive map of tourist routes, car or plumbing repair lessons, a program to improve memory and many other ideas that can solve a specific problem is a great start for a startup.
          Sometimes the only thing that keeps a potential user from installing the program (how to build an app) is the installation process itself. To the extent that there is no free space on the device or unwillingness to “litter” the smartphone with unknown programs, the user will not corny evaluate the usefulness of your service. And absolutely in vain.
          You can get around this kind of objection using applications that work on the principle of a website. They do not need to be installed, additionally configured, or searched for free megabytes of space – everything is simple and without pitfalls like intrusive advertising or a couple of “accidentally” installed additional programs.
          Ease captivates the user, even if initially he was not completely interested in the product. The theme of the application can be any, the ultimate goal is to install the full version and further purchase a subscription, advanced functionality or services.

How To Make An App | How To Develop An App 

          With the spread of the NFC-module built into smartphones, the demand for universal wallets and programs for controlling finances is growing so the company and people are finding for the best method for how to create an app to grab an audience. The advantage will be the ability to keep track of expenses or form a family budget. It is convenient to carry out all financial transactions through one program – here you can find Internet banking and monthly budget summing up.
          If a year earlier augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) was associated exclusively with the entertainment industry. Today, the direction of AR tightly entered the industry of trade, medicine, engineering, real estate, and repair, VR technology continues to develop at the level of the gaming and event sphere. The advantages of augmented and virtual reality are the visualization of a product or service to a client without creating physical layouts, which simplifies and expands the range of interaction with a future customer.
          “Clouds” are used by both ordinary users and owners of large international organizations. If earlier users were satisfied with desktop versions, now the demand for mobile-controlled versions has grown. Cloud technology saves space and reliably protects data, allowing you to use it from any device at any time without storage on physical media.

Cool concept for how to make an app for beginners

          A convenient music player or video player with support for an interactive media library, a program for processing audio, video or photo content – despite the overflowing market with offers, you can always develop something unique and meet the latest trends, it is enough to listen to the user’s needs.
          Utilities allow you to maximize the potential of a mobile device and improve the performance of existing systems. The temperature control program of the main processor, which prevents overcooling or overheating, a “pumped” flashlight or a translator that accurately recognizes spoken language, users are ready to buy simple and convenient utilities along with new smartphones. However, it is worth considering that the utilities apply to the Android system.
          Having developed the program in one of the nine most relevant industries this year, or going beyond this framework and coming up with a completely new concept, the application can be monetized and successfully develop a business in a smartphone. Consider the methods of monetization and the main stages of the implementation of any project.

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