Google Tangi App – TikTok Alternative

google tangi app | What is google tangi video app

Tangi – A 60 seconds video sharing app to learn new things every day. The new platform to share your talents in various categories in 60 seconds.

Recently Google Introduces a short video sharing platform like TikTok to the users. Google introduces one of the new products for sharing short videos in different categories like TikTok App. The name of the video-sharing platform of Google is GoogleTangi App. Tangi is one of the best alternatives for short video sharing platforms like TikTok. TikTok Tangi offers a lot of features where the users can upload the videos with a lot of filters and effects.
google tangi app | What is google tangi video app
Google tangi app for sharing short videos


What is google tangi app

Tangi is a short video content platform form the side of Google where the users (you) can upload a short videos like TikTok. In the tangi app, the users can upload or share the videos from 15-60 seconds length video. It is one of the new and most expected short video sharing platform where the users or creators can share the videos in different categories like Art, Cooking, DIY, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty and many more in upcoming days.
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How to Create Google Tangi App Account

It is very simple to create an account in tangi to be a creator to upload and share your talents and unique creativity to the world. visit here
You have to follow these simple steps to create a google tangi app account,
  1. Tap on profile icon above the side of the screen.
  2. It will open a pop-up window on your screen. So, choose any Gmail account logged in in your device (Mobile or Computer).
  3. Finally, your account will get ready.
  4. Now tap (click) on the edit menu to edit the personal details. In the edit section, you can add your bio, public email, profile picture, Display Name, etc.
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How Google Tangi app will better than TikTok

As like TikTok Tangi app also provides almost all the features and specifications to both creators and viewers. Using the tangi app the creators can easily create and share the videos towards tangi users. As compared to TikTok, the tangi appis simple to use and easy for creators to create videos.
One can share and make a heart like easily in google tangi app like TikTok. Tangi app is going to be one of the best alternative and competitor of TikTok. Now google tangi is offering the limited short videos from limited creators and upcoming days we can see the great craze of tangi like TikTok.
Google Tangi App is an experimental app born out of its Area 120 lab, which is based on short-video where the creator’s guides and shares the videos based indifferent categories.
Although tangi is released for creators it is still in the experimental mode so it is now only available for web and iPhone devices. It is still unavailable for Android platforms. But it is sure that it will available soon on the Android platform too.
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