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Franco Chain-Which One Is Better?

Franco Chain

Choosing jewelry is a tough decision, whether a woman has to choose it or a man. Recently gold chains came back in trend, and most men are more than overwhelmed by this comeback. Not long ago, gold chains were only associated with rappers and other music idols, but this trend has changed now. Many celebrities, including the famous Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling, were seen wearing gold chains. – Franco Chain

This generated a popular trend, and gold chains finally came back on the market with sophisticated and brand new designs. However, these various new designs caused more confusion for the buyers. There are already many different types of gold chains, including snake chains, rope chains, bead chains, Figaro chains, curb chains, wheat chains, mariner chains, herringbone chains, and last but not the least, Franco chains. Franco chains evolved quite a lot over time and are now available in more than one style as well. 

Although you don’t have to worry about choosing the right Franco chain for yourself because we have gathered all the information about that you might need. We will help you decide the best Franco chain so far; hold tight.  

What is a Franco chain?

Most people know the name of different types of gold chains but are unaware of the meaning behind them. The Franco chain is also named so because it has an interesting story behind it. The word Franco originated from Italy, and the chain was named after the Italian man who invented this design.

The design of a Franco chain is quite similar to curb chains. The only difference is that a Franco chain includes four additional sides and is connected in v-shaped links. Its intricate design fascinates a lot of men, which is why it is an extremely popular design. It is now available in different designs as well. There are two styles of Franco chains 

  1. Plain Franco chains 
  2. Diamond-cut Franco chains 

Diamond-Cut Franco Chains vs. Plain Franco Chains 

Plain Franco chains are regular Franco chains; they are constructed with the same original design. However, diamond-cut Franco chains have cuts at the end of each link, making them shinier and smoother than the plain ones. The regular Franco chains are a little boxed, whereas diamond-cut Franco chains are more round in shape. This difference is not noticeable on thin chains easily but it is clearly visible on thicker Franco chains. 

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Another difference between these two chains that bothers a lot of people is the flexibility of the chain. Most people believe that the rounded version (diamond cut Franco chain) is easier to carry and gives the chain a more casual look. However, the boxed version (plain Franco chain) is harder to move because of its intact boxed links. 

Other than that, both the chains are equally durable, and you can easily wear them with or without the pendant. 

Which Franco Chain Is Better?

Honestly, there is not much difference between both the chains, and people can hardly notice it if you are wearing thin ones. The shine and luster are a bit noticeable, and that also depends on your choice, whether you want a shiny gold chain or not. There is also little to no difference in the price of these two chains. 

Well, the choice of the right Franco chain depends solely on your style preferences. 

Benefits of Buying Gold Franco Chains 

Franco chains are one of the most popular gold chains for men. Whether you buy a diamond cut or a plain Franco chain, both of them have similar benefits because both are real chains

Here is a list of benefits you get if you buy gold Franco chains.

  • Extraordinary Durability 

Franco chains are famous for their uncanny durability. The design of the Franco chain is specified and can survive all the ups and downs of life. 

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design 

The design of the Franco chain is exceptionally fascinating because each link is equal and connected perfectly with the other. 

  • With Or Without Pendant 
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The Franco chain looks good with or without a pendant. It can hold large and small pendants. 

  • Easy Up Keep 

Since Franco chains are extremely durable, you do not have to get them fixed or sorted every year. You can easily store them as well because they don’t get tangled. 

Now that you might be interested in buying Franco gold chains, why don’t you buy them from the best store in NYC? ItsHot provides the best quality gold accessories for men and women both. They have a great variety of genuine gold chains for the best prices. You will find the best Franco gold chains in their store and on their website as well. 

How to Take Care of Gold Franco Chains 

It is extremely important to take care of gold chains as well. Many people assume that gold can’t be damaged easily, but it can get damaged eventually if not given the proper care.

Well, if you want your gold chains or other accessories to last longer than usual, then make sure to follow these tips. 

  1. Do not stay in the water for a long time with your chains. 
  2. Make sure to dry your chain before keeping it in an air-tight box. 
  3. Remove your gold chain before entering into a swimming pool because chlorine damages gold more than anything. 
  4. Store your gold chain separately. Do not keep it with other jewelry of different materials. 
  5. Get your gold chain cleaned by a professional once a year to maintain the shine. 
  6. Do not wear gold chains when you go for a massage or facial.  

Final Words  

Even though buying a gold chain is a big investment and a tough decision, it can become more accessible with the right guidance and suggestions. Franco Gold chains are the perfect gift for your father, brother, or yourself because it looks ravishing on almost every man. I hope this article helped you understand gold Franco chains in a better way. 

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