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Dramago Free Movie Downloading Website: With Updated Information in 2021

Korean dramago

Love watching those Korean dramas or movies? Can’t wait to watch those newly released movies? We have got dramago for you.

There is no second thought about Korean film industry coming up with such notable films and dramas and continuously producing those hit movies that are admired by everyone.

If you also love to watch Korean movies but stays outside Korea, then dramago video downloader is the only option for you to download your movies.

Everything that you are finding and looking for is available for you under one roof. Dramago add-on has an exquisite collection of various shows and drama.

For your convenience, Korean dramago has got categories for you so as it becomes easy for you to search. You can find the best and latest movies here.

Later in this article, you will find full guidance about how to download dramago app in your android device.

Watching Korean movies like this were never this easy before the dramago app was launched.

So, viewers, your one-stop destination of watching and downloading these latest Korean movies are dramago downloader.

About Dramago

What is the fun of watching a movie or a video if you do not get in the high quality and download it in high-speed?

It will not happen to you if you use dramago app to download the Korean movies. You need to download the Repository before downloading the app the dramago app in your device.

The recommendation for downloading the Repository is because of the familiarity that it would give you for using the app.

It is an assurance that no other platform other than dramago fits perfectly in terms of quality and varieties than dramago.

Dramago video downloader allows us to have free online access to movies and TV shows. Also, the facility to download the film is provided.

You will be able to watch the movies and TV shows by the default video player of the app in high-quality video quality along with English subtitles.

The app updates every time so you can watch the daily shows through the app. This keeps you updated about all the news and information of the Korean film industry.

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Let us check how we can download the app in your device and enjoy watching the movies and shows.

Ways to download dramago app

Step 1- As we have discussed earlier, in the first step, you need to need to download the Repository before installing the add-on.

Step 2- After this open the home page of Kodi and click on the system.

Step 3- A package icon would be displayed on the top of the screen where you need to click.

Step 4- A list would appear on the screen with the option of Install from Zip File option. Click it.

Step 5- Next, you need to browse the downloaded Repository.

Step 6- On browsing, move to the Add-on browser screen and find the option to install from Repository, select it.

Step 7- Select on the Video Add-ons.

Step 8- From the list appeared on the screen, click on install.

Step 9- Once the installation of Dramago is done, a notification would pop-up on your screen.

Step 10- Voila, your favourite show is waiting for you to watch.

So, these are the following steps that need to be done to download the Dramago app in your device.

Once you follow these steps, you would be able to watch your favourite Korean movie or show. For any faulty internet issues, buffering, you can download them and watch later.

Next, let’s move forward to know more about how to download movies from the Dramago app.

How to download videos from Dramago?

Step 1- Open the site, and you will find four categories: Movies, Shows, Drama, and others. Choose on the type of your preference.

Step 2- Select the choice of your movie you want to download.

Step 3- The top next screen will show you the storyline of the movie and beneath the storyline you will find a Link VIPs, clicking on the page would allow you to watch and download them.

Step 4- On clicking the link, you will be redirected to the page to watch the movie. Click on the video to play it.

Step 5- The top right corner of the page would allow with an icon to download the movie, click on the video to play it.

Step 6- The video will show you a downward arrow, hitting that would allow the video upload screen.

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Step 7- On clicking the download button, it would start to download automatically.

These were the steps to download your favourite videos from the Dramago app. Now that you know that these steps are such simple and easy to download the movie of your choice and start watching.

Well, many people might be having a question on their mind about whether using this the app would be safe or not?

So, let us talk in detail about the safety and legal issues of Dramago and clear all the confusion out.

Is Dramago safe and legal?

We proudly say that Dramago doesn’t publish any content that is malicious and unauthorized. Dramago does not issue any malicious code and as a result of this Korean dramago is a legitimate website.

We rightfully own all the copyrights of the texts and images that we use on our website and can deliver products of our own.

You are very much in safe hands if you are using content from this website and have nothing to worry about it.

It is very okay to download and watch videos from this website without worrying about its legal rights and safety. Even dramago allows using of online stream videos through there app.

Safety is always given utmost priority and is taken care of at the priority level. However, still, if you are in doubt about using this app, you can use an anti-virus or malware software to browse and download.

Using this would allow removing and all the malicious activities from occurring in your desktop.


So, here is the complete guide about Dramago, the best Korean movie or video downloader.

There is no doubt about using Korean dramago as your platform to download movies or videos of your choice.

The article gives you a complete guide on how to download content and videos from this site.

We tried to break everything and show exact steps about how you to find and download all your favourite Korean show through Dramago app.

So, now that you download the site, you will be able to find all your favourite Korean movies and movies, which is of high quality and with subtitles.

Do not worry about its safety and legitimacy as it is entirely safe for use and has no malicious content used.

If you are still in doubt, use anti-virus software to prevent the happening of any malicious activity.

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