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Difference Between Mi and Redmi? All in Details

difference between mi and redmi
Difference Between Mi and Redmi: difference between xiaomi redmi and mi, xiaomi mi and redmi difference, xiaomi redmi and mi difference, difference between redmi and xiaomi.
Many People are still confused for what are the difference between xiaomi redmi and mi. So, you can get clear information for redmi and mi difference. It is one of the confusion terms for many of us for whether there is any difference between xiaomi redmi and mi?. yes! There is some difference between mi and redmi here we are going to clarify the difference between redmi and xiaomi.
We all know about Xiaomi Mobile Company. Xiaomi is one of the top Chinese company which was established in 2010 as a software company. Xiaomi is that company that got a great achievement in a short time. In the beginning, this company used to make software or custom ROM for Android devices. In the beginning, this company was treated as only a software company because, at that time, Xiaomi company only used to make software.
       In 2011 the company started its software market by making first phone nameI 1’. After that in 2014 Xiaomi company is treated as the biggest company of china. Similarly, in 2017 Xiaomi became the biggest 5 mobile company of the world.

difference between mi and redmi

If we compare Xiaomi company mobile to another company mobile then Xiaomi is treated as one of the best, cheap and features full android mobile.   
difference between mi and redmi
difference between redmi note 8 and redmi note 8 pro


So, now let’s talk about difference between redmi note 8 and redmi note 8 pro. Basically, Xiaomi company launch their mobile by naming ‘MI’, ‘Redmi’ & ‘POCO’. Let’s see difference between mi and redmi

Series (Category)

The main difference between mi and redmi mobile is on the basis of category. Basically, Xiaomi company launch their mobile in two series i.e, Mi and Redmi. It is just like a series of Samsung Mobile like ‘Galaxy J9’ and ‘Galaxy S9’. After mi and redmi, xiaomi is also providing their smartphones with more different sub-brands and series like POCO, MI A, MI CC, etc. The series of Xiaomi smartphones are increasing with the positive response and feedback of the users and to provide more value for money by the company.

Budget and Flagship

Another difference between mi and redmi mobile is Budget and Flagship. Basically, the Xiaomi company launches there mobile in two category they are Budget and Flagship. Redmi Phone is treated as Budget Series and Mi Phones are treated as Flagship series. Basically, the smartphones which we can get in our budget are from redmi series rather than mi and poco. Redmi phones are quite cheaper as compared to Mi and Poco. The main thing we all must know is that Xiaomi phones was cheaper, are cheaper and will be cheaper and best for the budget segment.


Another difference between mi and redmi phone is price or cost for manufacture. Redmi phone is treated as Low Cost phone in comparison to Mi Phone because in Redmi Phone basic hardware is used and vice versa. The price of redmi phones is quite cheaper than MI phones. Another great plus point is that Xiaomi redmi phones are much cheaper and provides the best value for money to every user by providing high features at a low price.

Level of Software

Although the both Phone has a features of MIUI, there is a difference in software level used in Mi and Redmi. We will get a lot of difference in apps features in this phone. In Redmi Phone Basic hardware is used due to these apps features of Redmi is basic then comparison to Mi. Redmi phones come with basically MediaTek Helio, Snapdragon 800 below process but MI phones are quite quality full so it comes with big and powerful processor and strong hardware.
difference between mi and redmi
difference between redmi note 8 and redmi note 8 pro

Premium Feel

     As compared to redmi, MI phones seem to feel more premium while using. MI Phones are made with extra software and hardware level which gives a better user experience as compared to Redmi smartphones. The feel of the premium experience is not only limited to the difference between mi and redmi but also depends upon the price of smartphones. if we check out the current strategy then we can get such premium and most flagship smartphones from the Redmi series too. Redmi 20 Pro is one of the good example of Redmi series for budget flagship smartphones from Xiaomi brands.

Camera Quality

Basically, the quality of camera of MI phones are better which provides better focus, high dynamic range image support, high resolution, multi-frame support, etc. overall the quality and performance of camera is ahead of MI as compared to Redmi at all.
The camera of Redmi phones are also better but lacks the some secrets and developed features of MI phones. The camera target of Redmi phones are for normal phot clicks.


Examples of Redmi Mobile
Redmi 1, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 5, Redmi Note 7 etc.
Examples of Mi Mobile
Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 6, Mi Mix, Mi Note 4 etc.


Here we have discussed in the topic of difference between mi and redmi where we get a clear information and clear out xiaomi mi and redmi difference. From above difference it is clear that, in comparison Redmi phone are quite cheap and low quality phone than Mi phone. But it is depended on the mobile model to model. We get information about difference between mi and redmi in terms of Category, Cost, Software level and With some model’s example.
       Hope you may like this post and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and families and stay healthy and happy.
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difference between xiaomi redmi and mi

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xiaomi mi and redmi difference

xiaomi redmi and mi difference

difference between redmi and xiaomi

difference between mi and redmi 


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