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Designing Car Stickers-Some Tips and Tricks which Work

Designing Car Stickers

Designing Car Stickers-Some Tips and Tricks which Work

Car stickers are trendy for many decades now, and people tend to use them for various purposes. Usually, they do the same to personalize their vehicle, cheer for their favorite sporting team, or add some custom message on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. But, lately, vehicles are identified as one of the great spaces for advertising. 

Car stickers are meant to move from one place to another with your message on them, so their reach is limitless. By simply printing a custom sticker and putting it on the bumper or windows of your vehicle, one can spread your advertisement or message to many for brand promotion. Besides this, when compared to many other display ads, car stickers are much affordable, very easy to make and an excellent marketing tool for various purposes.

You can see that many businesses of various industries are now using car stickers to get the best returns from their brand promo campaigns. As most of us tend to spend most of our time traveling nowadays, ad on wheels is more efficient than static display boards or hoardings. The only limitation is that you get very limited space only for car sticker ads, but it is enough for you to get noticed if used wisely. Here are some tips for winning car sticker designs.

Make it eye-pleasing

As discussed above, while designing a car sticker, you have only limited space to share your message, so you need to choose the colors wisely. In addition, while designing car stickers, you have to think of contrasting colors for the foreground and background to create a visually pleasing impact. As per expert opinion, you may ideally use only two to three colors on the sticker to avoid confusion. 

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The objective of designing car stickers is to increase brand visibility. Keeping this in mind, you may try to use bright colors to depict your branding elements and brand message. On the other hand, you can opt for dark text color with light colors backgrounds. You have to be consistent in terms of usage of colors, as the customers should easily recognize your brand from the sticker itself. If you are not sure how to use colors for your custom car stickers, it is ideal for getting a professional designer’s help for the same.

Making a catchy sales copy

You can use your business slogan or brand message text to be printed onto the car sticker. If you do not have such a brand message, try to make a catchy slogan with the help of an expert, which may stick to the user’s mind. Similar to how a log is designed, make sure your brand slogan is also kept simple and containing your USP for the products and services. Try to use appropriate wordings which will remain relevant for a longer time.

Make it witty to catch attention.

If you make your sticker with a funny quote or joke, it can easily garner the viewer’s attention and get a following. So, you may generously use your sense of humor to work while making custom stickers to make it stand out in the crowd. Being humorous will also make others feel that you are approachable and simple. However, be careful while choosing the words for your slogan or the graphics used to make it witty. These should not be offensive or raunchy.

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Once it goes on display, you cannot choose who will see the message, so it should be made by considering people of all ages and categories as viewers.

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