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Customizing Music for Videos with Free Video Maker

Customizing Music for Videos with Free Video Maker

Various social media nowadays contain videos that reach a wide range of users. Music is one of the main factors to how engaging a video is since it immediately hooks or bores the audience. It only takes a few seconds for someone to decide to either watch or scroll past your content. Aside from visual images the second cue to pick up their interest is through sound. Customizing Music for Videos through an online video maker can allow your videos to have their own identity. Users who constantly hear the same music would make them disinterested to see till the end of your video. Hence, the audience would stay for content that is appealing and have a unique soundtrack because of curiosity. It is better for you to keep in mind the content and music of your video. Remember to focus on your message and target viewers to match your music and video.

This article will help you figure out the right music and idea before you start to make your video. There are many video makers out there but not all are fit for everyone. Some video makers can be overwhelming, expensive, etc.  Hence, consider a simple free video maker for custom editing and can be compatible with different social media platforms.

Choosing the Right Music

The right soundtrack can either make or break your video. Music in videos adds impact and dimension to the theme and message you want to deliver to the audience. Using music in your videos can influence how the audience would feel and think while watching your videos. To help you get your message across, there are different genres of music to choose from. An example is how vloggers tend to use upbeat or ambient music in vlogs to set the mood. Upbeat music tends to boost our moods while mellow melodies can keep us calm. Make sure to get enough information on your target audience and know their interest in music. During editing, remember the message of your video and the target audience to create music that fits your content.

Using a fitting track can leave lasting impacts which will allow your video to be viewed by a wider audience. If it would be easier for you, you can adapt the video based on your music. Similar to artists that create their music before starting a music video. You can look for video inspirations online for music that perfectly matches its content. Through advancements in technology, free video makers make it possible to easily add and edit your track to match the message of your videos.

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You also have the freedom to place the track wherever within the video. Further, you have the option of adding more than one track for your content for added creativity. Just remember to avoid mixing different music styles since one can overpower the other. There is no doubt music can have an impact on us thus coordinating the right music for your content is important.

Keep the Videos Short and Simple

Keep the Videos Short and Simple

Music alone cannot keep the audience engaged, your videos should have a length fitting the content of your video. Similarly, your video should keep the viewers interested. The attention span of a person can only last about twenty minutes maximum. A younger audience would have an attention span of less than 20 minutes. Creating content that goes beyond that length would be a challenge for you to get back that attentiveness. Make use of a free video maker to cut long video footage and cut out unnecessary clips. Most users tend to click away when they see videos longer than twenty minutes. Making short videos also make you focus more on quality than quantity. Viewers would prefer watching a thirty-second video with well-made content to a three-minute video. Thus, keeping videos short can interest more people to view them and you can focus on quality.

To keep the interest of the audience, the message you want to deliver should be clear and done creatively. People online also tend to post one to five-minute videos to keep the interest of other users. To cater to the public, advertisements tend to practice keeping it shorter to get the attention of their viewers. With the free video maker, you can keep the audience engaged through the creative use of various templates and texts. Just make sure not to distract the viewers by using designs more than necessary. It is important for you to keep your videos easy to understand yet engaging for viewers to enjoy.

Be Careful With Copyright

Since users are free to create videos and post on social media, you should be mindful of your own content.  Make sure you are not accidentally using someone else’s original work for any commercial purpose. People can file a lawsuit for stolen images, art, or music. Viewers can report supposed copyright videos on websites like Youtube to take them down. Your credibility as a creator could go down as well when your work is copy strike. Hence, users would tend to avoid or cancel those who claim other people’s work. You can never use another person’s work for profit since it is rightfully their own to sell not yours. You should also note the guidelines for fair use to know how much of the original work can be used. Parodies, music remixes, and critiques of the original work are examples of fair use.

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Make sure to ask the original creator for permission whenever you try to use their work for a video. Artists that have made songs older than seventy-five years old no longer have copyrights. To be sure, you can only make use of royalty-free music or your own custom music for your videos. You should create music that allows viewers to remember your content and that you can claim as your own. With a free video maker, it is possible for you to add your own pre-recorded audio to your video. You can also trim your audios to fit your desired outcome for the video. Read up carefully on copyright and fair use laws before posting a video especially those intended for profit. Always remember to credit the original artists in your description and to follow the copyright laws.

Advantages of Custom Music

Making your own music can boost the quality and uniqueness of your video. You become independent in creating your content and viewers would be more interested to tune in for more. The profit you would earn from your videos would rightfully yours since there would be no copy strike. Further, users tend to watch video creators that provide a creative and original twist to their work. Viewers would have the tendency to re-watch your videos since your content is uniquely yours. Creating your own music can sometimes turn into trends that inspire other creators to follow. Social media platforms usually boost trending videos forward to reach a lot of people. It may be challenging at first to create your own music however the benefits you gain are better. Your audience can recall you by your soundtrack alone as the sole creator hence the added recognition.


Creating your own music also has benefits in enhancing your creativity and memory. Whenever you create a song with your instrument or write lyrics it slowly improves your skills. Further, people who play the instrument or create songs have learned to show their emotions which boosted their morale. Composing your music can be a form of expressiveness that can also help you in the long-run. Your custom music can give your viewers a unique link with you when they relate through your music and content. This in turn strengthens their interest in you and the videos you make. Hence creating a lasting impact on the viewers.


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