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Countries That Use Maximum Dating Apps

Countries that Use Dating Apps

Most of the countries in the world have been using dating apps. When the time comes to think about which region the maximum users of dating apps have, the indication clearly goes to Asia. According to research, Asia has a dating app ranking in the top 100 of the respective iOS app stores. Nine of those countries Myanmar, Brunei, and Armenia have ranked as above the 90th most popular spot in terms of using dating apps. One thing is to keep in mind that, the combined population of these countries is less than 450,000. Let’s see the countries that use maximum dating apps.

The research result also shows that the people who are living in South America are among the most expressive towards their love life. No matter whether doing any type of passionate rhythms of Latin dancing or any other way, they use these dating apps appropriately to select their partner. The average ranking of the top dating app among the twelve South American countries that have been participating in the research and the result was 68.5 which are higher than any other continent on the planet.

Among 12 countries, ten countries have the dating app in the top 100 of their app stores, and needless to mention Tinder is top on each of the charts. If you want to go deep to know the precise data, Bolivia has Tinder ranking 49 in the app store and this is higher than anywhere in the entire continent.

Dating app Tinder also ranks inside the top sixty-five In Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, and Uruguay. However, Guyana and Suriname are known as the two outliers and both have populations less than 800,000. 

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Europe has witnessed the biggest split as there is a huge cultural difference between the West and East of the European continent. According to the iOS App Store data, the average ranking for the most popular dating app was 88.9 which seems like the lowest in the world but this is not true. There is a huge divide between the countries located in Western Europe. Italy is excluded from this list as it is ranked 100 in the dating app rank.

According to the data available about the dating app, the most profound daters belong to Germany. This country’s Tinder hitting number is 55 in the app store.

Northern and Eastern Europe are least interested in using the dating app. People ignore these apps to express their love affairs. Apart from these countries, there are also various nations like Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Turkey having popularity to use the dating apps and they come among the top 100.

This is a clear indication of the result that there are a lot of different attitudes nurtured among people regarding the use of online dating around the globe. However, there are several things you can find in terms of perfect connectivity that help people to meet all the requirements of the people who desperately want to express their love and emotion with others. The rising popularity of dating apps is a good sign of connecting people.

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