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Chrome Full Page Screenshot | Page Screenshot Chrome

chrome full page screenshot


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In the world of internet, we almost of us are expending our time in mobile and internet-connected devices. Due to the regular search and focus on the internet and web, we may have to take the screenshot of the screen for various purposes. In the internet and web browser, all the images and texts are not available in downloading and copy-paste mode. So, it is quite difficult to save the image and copy the texts in our device. Therefore with the help of a screenshot capturing tool, we can capture the screen with High-Quality and without any difficulties. Taking a screenshot is one of the best methods to save the objects shown in the images but here we are focusing on taking the full web page screenshot.
chrome full page screenshot
full screen capture chrome
Taking a full web page screenshot is one of the advanced forms of taking the screen capture. It is one of the best ideas to save the whole web page in image form so we can easily access and share it without any links. In a normal way, we can capture the screenshot of the shown area or object of the display size screen only. For example, if your screen resolution size is 1920*1080 then the size of the normal screenshot will be the same. Full page screenshot (chrome full-page screenshot) will help to capture the objects of the full web page in a single image.
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There are different tools and methods to capture the full web page screenshot in our web browser. Using the different tools, apps, tricks, command, and extensions we can perform a full-page screen capture. With the help of third-party apps and software also we can perform full-page screen capture chrome. Although there are different methods for full screen capture chrome we are here to explain our top 4 methods.
In desktop, computer and laptop devices it is easy to do full-screen capture using the key and chrome extension. Similarly, in mobile devices, we can take the full screen captureof chrome using the different methods and apps.

Chrome Full Page Screenshot For Android

Finding the best method for full screenshot chrome, we have extract out the 4 different methods. At first, we are going out to show out the two best methods to take full-screen capture.
For Android

1. full page screen capture chrome using LongShot App

The first and 100% working method for a full-screen snapshot in any browser is using the Long Shot App. Long Shot App is one of the third-party apps available in Play Store which helps in taking the full screen and long screenshot in an amazing way.

What is Long Shot App?

Long Shot is that app that stitches the multiple screenshots and images into a perfect pixel (perfect match) form. It is one of the best apps for taking multiple screenshots. It helps to take the long screenshot of conservation, messages, threads, long scrolling pages of Facebook app, lite, web pages, etc. Long Shot App Automatically merge the multiple screenshots in a vertical or horizontal but in a suitable form. Due to its auto scrolling down features (Android 7 & +) it itself keeps on taking the screenshots until the page gets the end.
Features of LongShot App
1.    Auto takes multiple screenshots after scrolling.
2.    It contains the powerful manual stitching tool for fine-tuning a pixel-perfect long image.
3.    High-Quality Screenshots.
4.    Without footer credit and watermark (free to use).
5.    Suitable for capturing the long webpage in a dual click.

How to do chrome full page screenshot using LongShot App

1.    Download and open the App and allow the media and files permission by taping on “ALLOW” Button.
2.    Now in the menu or home of the app tap on “Auto Scroll” options. Here it will ask you to activate the “Accessibility” for the app.
3.    Tap on “OK” and it will open the “Accessibility” settings of your mobile phone.


4.    Find the app name “LongShot” and turn on the accessibility, in the time of turning it, it will ask you to accept all the actions of the apps. So simply tap on “OK” or “Yes” or “Done” depending upon the mobile company.
5.    Now tap on “Browser icon” the first option icon and tap on “Start now”.
6.    Open the browser and find the page in which you want to capture the full long screenshot.
7.    Tap on “Start”, here it will automatically start on capturing the screen by scrolling the page automatically.
8.    After completing the capturing process tap on “SAVE” to save on the Gallery of your phone.
9.    Finally Done.
(Using this app and by following the same process you can capture the full page of your Facebook Lite, WhatsApp conservation, Twitter Tweets, and many more)

2. full screen capture using MI Browser

The most significant way for full-page screen capture in your mobile phone is using MI Browser. If you are a Xiaomi Smartphones (Redmi, MI, Poco, MI A) users then this is one of the best tools and methods for full screen capture. Xiaomi smartphones users can capture their full web page screen using the system apps (no need to download and install the apps from the store). Here is the process for full screen screenshot using the MI Browser.
1.    Open MI Browser and go to the site or web address from which you want to do a full-page screen capture.
2.    Tap on options (three vertical lines below downside of the screen) and the tap on “Tools”.
3.    Tap on “Save page” and then choose “Save as screenshot”, here it starts to capture your screen.
4.    Finally Done.
(Using these steps you can do full-screen capture in your Xiaomi devices)
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Chrome full page screenshot for laptop and PC

After the tutorials for chrome full page screenshot in android, we are here for finding out the possible tricks for the chrome screenshot whole page for PC and laptop devices.

1. full page screen capture chrome extension

There are different extensions that help to do full-page screen capture chrome extension. Are you in search of the best screenshot extension for chrome? Here we are showing out the most used full page screen capture extension chrome. In PC and laptop, we can do chrome full page screenshot using the different extensions by downloading it from the web store of chrome.

Process for full screen capture chrome

1.    Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the extension “Full Page Screen Capture” or simply visit this link.
2.    Click on “Add to chrome” and it will show a pop-up notification. Here simply click on “Add extension”.
3.    Finally, the extension will add in the top left sidebar of your chrome browser with its camera style logo.
4.    Now for chrome full page screenshot click on the Full Page Screen Capture logo.
5.    It automatically starts on capturing the images and objects of the web page by auto-scrolling.
6.    After capturing the long screenshot it provides various options. Simply click on Download Image (PNG). If you are using this extension for the first time it will request additional permission. Simply, click on “Allow”.
7.    Go to the downloads of your computer PC and see.
8.    Finally Done.
(Using Full Page Screen Capture extension in your chrome browser for pc and laptop you are able for full-page screen capture to google chrome. Although there is a lot of full-page screen capture extension for chrome, full-page screen capture google chrome is one of the best. This extension helps in capturing a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions of your device. It helps in exporting your screenshot to PNG, JPEG, or various PDF paper sizes in easy steps)

2. chrome full page screenshot without extension

Another best method for full-page screen capture chrome is without using any extensions. There is also the method for full-page screen capture chrome without using any extensions and third-party software.

How to take full page screenshots in google chrome without using an extension

1.    Go to the options of the chrome browser and click on “More tools” then ‘Developer tools”.
2.    Go to elements section and click on the option (three horizontal dots) then click on “Run command”.
3.    In search box type, “screenshot” and choose the second option “Capture full-size screenshot”. 
chrome full page screenshot
full screenshot chrome
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4.    Go to downloads and see the chrome full-page screenshot image.
5.    Finally Done.
Short Guide: Open Developer tools in chrome (three vertical dots>More tools>Developer tools) or simply press the key “Ctrl+Shift+I” at once. After that, tap on three dots>run command>elements>type ‘screenshot’>capture full-size screenshot.
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