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Check my net speed – Internet speed calculator

check my net speed


Here we are going to clear you about the term how to check my net speedcheck upload speed and about internet speed calculator to calculate the exact speed of your wireless or any the medium of the internet you are using. The first thing we need has to clear about how to check my wifi speed and internet of your or my network speed according to your Wi-Fi router.
The most important thing that we should notice on the internet or any Wi-Fi router before buying it is speed. The speed of the internet is the most requirement thing which fixes and limits the activities on your internet. Internet having high speed is good and best for loading the data and files on the internet through mobile and any internet-connected devices. It is necessary to check upload speed and check download speed of any internet connection.
To check network speed on your mobile and laptop computer you can adopt various methods as you like. The main points that we are focusing here is about the difference in the speed of the internet in terms of Bytes and Bits. Almost all the internet service provider (ISP) of the world are providing the speed of the internet to us in the format of Mbps. Well, this is the reason why your internet doesn’t download or load any files and data in online what ISP promised in our router.
What is Wi-Fi Speed or Internet Speed?
Wi-Fi Speed or internet speed is the ratio of loading the data, files and activities in internet by the Modem, Router or any connections in a time period. Internet speed is the capacity of the server or any router and cellular network to load, transfer and share the data in the value of Bits per second. It is the calculation of the internet modem and router to share and transfer the data and any files in terms of certain value called Bits (b) per second (bps).
check my net speed
mobile internet speed test
It is only the measure of running strength of any internet providing agent and methods. Internet speed is that calculator (internet speed calculator) that measures the capacity of downloading and uploading the files in terms of bps either Mbps or Kbps or Gbps.

What is ISP?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. ISP are those company and agents which provides the internet to us. The main task of ISP is to provide the internet either by themselves or from other countries or other big countries’ servers. There are a lot of ISP in my country, your country which is providing the service of the internet from the world’s topmost brands internet servers like Huawei, Nokia, Alcatel, etc. If we talk about India then we can find a lot of ISP like SUBISU (provides GPON Home Gateway), TP-LINK, etc. In the case of Nepal, the topmost ISP are SUBISU, World Link, Vianet, Net Max, Broadlink etc.
          ISP is that agent and dealer which provides the internet in your country, the local area and home to home wire connection service to connect the world.
List of top internet service providers in Nepal
1.    WorldLink Communication P. Ltd
2.    Nepal Telecom
3.    Subisu Cable Net Network
4.    Vianet Communications P. Ltd.
5.    Zishan Network
6.    Classic Tech
(Source Wikipedia, other online Nepali websites)

what is my isp

After finding out what is isp and what is isp in networking it is also mandatory to find out the ISP of your Internet connection. There are many ISP around our area. If you don’t know the ISP of your network then simply call the customer care of the ISP and find out the ISP of your wifi connection.
Another best way to find out the ISP of your internet is by using the site, this site helps to find out the ISP of your connection in a few moments.
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check my net speed – how to check network speed of Wi-Fi?

If you are thinking for how to check my wifi speed, my network speed or thinking for mobile internet speed test, speedtest internet and router speed test then here we are with you to provide the best possible methods for your question, check my wifi speed.
1.   Contacting the ISP
The easiest method to check network speed of your internet is by asking or making a call to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can ask the customer care for about the internet plans what you are using in your home, office and work area. To ask for speed and plans of your fiber internet using in your home or anywhere else you have to make a call to the ISP office with the landline number. Before giving the reply of internet plans what you are using the ISP asks for the customer code, customer name, address, home number and flat number (if). After collecting and matching the all information in the ISP office record, they provide the plans what you are using and the maximum speed of the plans. You can also check upload speedby asking them in a phone call or visiting the ISP customer care. This is the easier and trusted method I used to check my net speed. So, you don’t need to perform any download and upload speed test.
2.   Using Mobile App
Another best method that I used to check my wifi speed or to check network speed is using the third-party android apps. There are a lot of apps that will helps you to check upload speed and check network speed. Mobile internet speed testapps help to find out the average speed of your Wi-Fi and internet connection. I am using different android apps to check out my network speedof home Wi-Fi. Among the different apps my favorite and most useful apps for router speed test and for internet speed calculator is Wi-Fi Router Master. Wi-Fi Router Master is one of the best and powerful apps which not only features in checking the speed of the internet (check upload speed and download speed) but also in scanning the connected devices in your router, Signal strength of your Wi-Fi, etc.
          You can use this to check download speed and to check upload speedeasily. The working interface of this app is very amazing and good to look at. It analyzes the speed as like the motor speed meter. The increase in the speed of the internet increase the scale meter in speed meter.
Using this app. you find the ping value of your connection. You can get features of the Wi-Fi signal meter to find out the internet hotspot near your area. Similarly, you can adopt the router settings from your mobile app in an easy way. It also provides information of the connected Wi-Fi router.
check my net speed
check my wifi speed
3.   Visiting
Another method that I use to check my net speedis visiting the website website helps to find out the average speed of your Wi-Fi. To check network speed using you have to visit the website When you visit the website it automatically runs the startup and after a few seconds give the final results. It is awesome to look at the speed meter on the screen while calculating the speed. Check this video.

check upload speed

After finding out the method for mobile internet speed test it is also necessary to check out the upload speed of the internet. If the above method doesn’t suit you to check upload speedyou can use this site for relevant upload speed tests. is one of the best internet upload speed testing sites that helps to check the internet uploading speed in a few seconds result. Upload speed testmeasure and analyze the uploading speed of your Wi-Fi or any cellular network and show the required and most average speed which makes the users find the upload speed of their Connection.
To check upload speed in your mobile or computer device you have to go to the sites of (Click here) and Click (Computer click) or Tap (Mobile tap) to ‘TEST MY UPLOAD SPEED’. It will take a few moments to analyze for upload speed test. After a few moments, you can see your connection upload speed and ISP of the internet.
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internet speed calculator

To check my net speed, to check my Wi-Fi speed and to check upload speed of internet is not enough for me and I think it is also not enough for you. The main reason of behind is satisfaction. We can’t get enough satisfaction by mobile internet speed testbecause we are not receiving the exact speed what ISP promises for us in terms of speed in our plans. The main things we need have to notice is the speed of the internet connection.
Many people are in still confusion and get angry or sad for not getting the exact speed of the internet what ISP promises them in their router. Here I want to make a clarification about the speed of the internet and learn to check my net speed theory easily.
          All the speed of the internet is measured in terms of Bits. Bits (b) is the smaller or mini-unit of Bytes. The value of Bits is 8 times lower as compared to Bytes (B). Bytes is the Mega unit of Internet measurement. Although ISP provides the highest and high value of speed in our internet it doesn’t work fine due to Mbps system. Mbps stands for Mega Bites Per Second. It means that the connection or internet router has a capacity to load …Mega Bits of data in a single second.
Let’s make a clear about MBps and Mbps,
The main reason for the exact speed measurement is identifying the Bits and Bytes. We can find out a lot of difference betweenMBps and Mbps which makes a lot of confusion to us. So, don’t worry we are here to provide internet speed calculator theory which will help to calculate the exact speed of the internet.
Mbps is the theory and concept of measuring the speed of the internet in terms of Bits per second. The use of Mbps is in deciding the speed of the router, modem and cellular connections. In our router and plans ISP is providing the speed in terms of Mbps, not in MBps. The connection speed of Mbps is much slower as compared to MBps. The exact measurement value of Mbps is 8 times slower as compared to MBps.
MBps is the theory and concept of measuring the digital data, files, and folders in terms of Bytes per second. The main use and practice of MBps is done in sizing the files, digital data, and folders which can be stored in the drive and storage device. MBps doesn’t involve in check my net speed concept. There is no connection and relation of MBps in internet speed, the internet is based or measured in Mbps directly or in general practice.

internet speed calculator – check your exact downloading and uploading speed of your internet

If you are thinking to check network speed to find out the exact downloading speed then you have to calculate by the following method,
The Wi-Fi or internet speed plan claim by the router using in your home be 50Mbps.
So, the Exact Downloading speed = 50/8 = 6.25 MBps (1MB= 8Mb)
It means your Wi-Fi can load 6.25 MB in one second and 375 MB in a single minute.
For example,
The size of the 4K movie you want to download be 12GB.
So, to download a 12GB 4K movie it takes around half-hour.
= 12,288/375 = 32.5 Mins.

How to know ip address of wifi

After finding out mobile internet speed test, speedtest internet and router speed test method it is also necessary to know or find out the IP address or Gateway address of your Wi-Fi router. The IP address is those address which helps to connect the users on internet or any sites. If you are thinking of how to know my wifi IP address then it is now easy to find out the IP address of your connected Wi-Fi. IP address of your Wi-Fi or connected router looks like,
how to check ip address of wifi
1.    Go to settings and Wi-Fi and tap on options bar of the Wi-Fi or Manage Network.
2.    Tap on Gateway and you will see your Wi-Fi IP address.
Or Continue if not works
3.    In Wi-Fi tap on connected Wi-Fi and scroll down then tap on IP settings.
4.    Choose Static by replacing DHPC.
5.    In Gateway you can find it.
6.    Done.

best internet connection for home

Finding out the best speed of the internet for a home may be the confusion task for many of us. This is because nowadays there are many ISP in our area. All the ISP claims to provide the best speed for your home, office and workstation, but did they? We can’t say exactly whether they provide the best speed for your or not. The main thing to be noticed is that whether the plans provided by ISP suits you or not, if not change the plan or ISP.
The best internet connection for depends upon the users and task what you want to perform in the internet. If your daily task is heavy like Streaming videos, Downloading the high-quality movies then it takes good speed. If you are a normal user and mainly perform the chatting and working for freelancing, article writing then basic plans will be best for you.

good wifi speed for home

In my view, the good wifi speed for home is around 5Mbps. Yes, 5Mbps internet connection for home is best for you and for me too. 5Mbps internet speed has an average capacity to load 700KBps. It means your wifi works in 700KB per second. In 700KBps you can easily stream live video for single use. You can connect 3-4 devices to run normal apps and sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and perform online writing activities without lagging. Basically, our family size is of 3-4 members, so it is easy to connect you all members of families throughout the world by sitting in room.
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best internet speed for gaming and streaming

Well after finding out good wifi speed for home you also need to know about the best internet speed for gaming and streaming the live videos on the internet like YouTube and Netflix. If you are a crazy guy for playing online games through mobile and PC then you may need to have chosen the best internet connection for gaming.
          In my view for gaming speed test online or to play the heavy games you need have to choose the Wi-Fi plan around 10Mbps if above then better in performance. 10Mbps is the best internet speed for gaming and streaming (both). 10Mbps has the capacity to load around 1.25MB in one second and 75MB (not Mb) in one minute.
Using 10Mbps speed you can play live video of 2K HD easily. The average size of 2K HD videos is around 40MB per minute and 0.677MB (666KB) per second but the speed of 10Mbps to load are around 1.25MB per second. So, you can run 2K videos easily in your device using 10Mbps speed.

best wifi speed for office

Do you know the Wi-Fi speed of your workstation, office or school? How they work, fast or slow? Well, we can find that the Wi-Fi connection connected or used in office, school and workstation is highly heavy as compared to our home plan. We can notice that some offices are using 50Mbps, 60Mbps speed to perform online activities. The main reason to use high-speed internet connection in such are is to provide the best possible services, saves time and increase the work efficiency of the worker.
Basically, in IT office, E-commerce office we can find excellent and the super-fast speed. Mainly the It company and e-commerce sites need to perform a large number of activities in a single day and needs a large number of staffs and computer system to handle all the tasks. Due to an increase in the number of systems they have to increase or upgrade the plan to premium and above level to works without lagging.

best internet connection near me or your area

Are you in search of the best broadband wifi in your area? There may be many ISP in your area which provides the best plans according to your requirements. If you want to find the best internet connection in your area then the simple method is that, go to and type “best internet connection near me”. You can also ask for Google by typing “best broadband wifi in my area”. It will automatically show the ISP near your area with it’s contacts ID and address.
You can directly make a call to the ISP and ask for the plans and offers they provide to the users. The main things not to forget to ask ISP is the pricing and price of the package. Be sure the pricing and package plan provided by that ISP suits for you. I recommend you to contact many ISP as far as possible which makes you to make a comparison and select the best ones.

wifi internet prices

With the development of technology, the price of internet packages is declining and becoming cheaper day by day. As compared to recent years the price of internet connection is cheaper and seems to be fast with the arrival of 4G, 5G, 2.4Ghz, and 5Ghz technology in cellular networks and Wi-Fi. If we talk about the plans that we get now in our cellular network then it is cheap to subscribe and best suite for mobile internet. But in PC and other devices to use the internet through cellular networks is quite difficult.
We can find unlimited plans in Wi-Fi services which provides unlimited and limited plans to us. Mainly here we are talking about wifi plans rather than cellular (data) plan. We all know that wifi plans are always cheaper than cellular plans in comparison. Nowadays, in Nepal ISP are providing the speed around 25Mbps + Free Net Tv around Rs. 1250 (around 11.5 $) per month.
The Wi-Fi plans and prices may differ from time to time and ISP to ISP. Some ISP is providing the better speed in low price and some are not. It depends upon ISP. So, please you have to find out the best plan, best ISP and pricing before subscribing to the internet plans.
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This is the details post where I discussed for how the best method to check my net speed or to check my wifi speed. Using the above method, you are able to check upload speed and check download speed of your wifi and mobile internet. These are the best method that I use to check my wifi speed or my network speed. For mobile internet speed test and speedtest internet you can choose your favorite and easy method and make an update with your Wi-Fi speed information.
If you are thinking to do router speed test to find out the exact loading speed then you can use internet speed calculator. Internet speed calculator helps to find out the exact speed of your current connection. I have mentioned you how to know my wifi ip addressand best broadband wifi in my area.
I hope you may like this post. Please share, and comment on us if you have any quires, more info. Related to current topics. Thanks – Whatidea1.
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