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CATIA Electrical Harness Design – What Can You Learn?

CATIA Electrical Harness Design

Using the CATIA V5 Electrical Harness Assembly (EHA), Electrical Part Design (EPD), Electrical Harness Installation (EHI), Electrical Harness Flattening (EHF) modules, and Electrical Assembly Design (EAD), the online course guides students, engineers, and technicians through the process of developing expertise in the design of electrical harnesses and their components through the generation of 3D models and 2D manufacturing drawings.

How to become a master of CATIA V5?

  • This course will assist you in gaining the skills necessary to become an expert in the design of electrical harnesses and their components.
  • The creation of 2D documentation for their manufacturing within the CATIA V5 application makes use of tried-and-true design methods and processes from the very beginning of the design process (when you generate your initial ideas) through to the end (when you have a finished product ready to be released to the market).
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to use CATIA Electrical Harness Design to the level required to succeed in an Electrical Harness Designer role.
  • Think like a proper design engineer, which means you will start looking for solutions to optimise the product and will no longer get blocked on problem identification.
  • You won’t merely be taught new features or commands; instead, you’ll learn how things work. This course will allow you to understand the CATIA V5 application and not just a subset of its features.

Systematically Organised Course

The course is laid out daily, allowing for steady, systematic progress. You can track your improvement in using CATIA V5 to design electrical harnesses and associated components.

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CATIA V5 R29 Electrical Harness Design Training

Because most manufacturers, OEMs, utilise older versions of CATIA V5, many electrical harness design engineers employ those versions. Jaguar uses CATIA V5R26 (three versions back); BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi use CATIA V5R29; Airbus uses CATIA V5R27 (two versions back). Most of the market’s other offerings are based on older versions of CATIA V5 or student-oriented software versions. Your participation in this online course will put you ahead of other electrical harness design engineers still using outdated CATIA V5 due to your access to this software’s newest tools and capabilities.

Procedure to Adopt Necessary Skills

Learn how to use the features of CATIA V5 to reduce the time spent designing electrical wiring harnesses.

  • This online CATIA V5 training programme will prepare you for an electrical harness design engineer position at a prestigious multinational firm.
  • Whether you’re just starting or are an experienced pro, you’ll learn everything you need to know to design electrical harnesses and their components from concept to production launch.

Some of the most important things you’ll gain from completing this online CATIA V5 Electrical Harness Design course are: 

  • To teach you to think like a real design engineer so that you can start looking for ways to optimise the product; 
  • Gain the skills necessary to use Catia Electrical Harness Design at an expert level; 
  • Work with advanced methodologies based on the procedure outlined in this course.

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