Best Selling 5G Phones

Best Selling 5G Phones Under 15000

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Five ways for you to take care of your phone and give it longer lifespan

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galaxy s21 ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung finally launched pre-order on the 14th of February for its new Galaxy S21 series. 2020 wasn’t very kind to the Korean multinational conglomerate. With Apple releasing the iPhone 12 many months... Read more »
The top 5 Best Smartphone

The top 5 Best Smartphone under 20000 in India

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Best Selfie Camera Phone

The Top 9 Best Selfie Camera Phone Under 10000 in India

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Mi Best Phone 2019 | Best Mi Xiaomi Redmi Mobile In 2019

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Samsung A10 Price, Specification, Review and Features in 2021

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Best Smartphone Under 20000 in Nepal

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What is Wi-Fi Calling | How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling

  Make it easier to call using Wi-Fi. So, make it clear about what is wifi calling, what does wifi calling do and how to enable wifi calling. Making a call with... Read more »
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Tangi App – Share Your Creativity In 60 Seconds

  Tangi app: Best Tiktok alternative to share your creativity in 60 seconds. After the massive success of the short video sharing app TikTok, the race of creating the alternative of the... Read more »
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Realme ui vs MIUI | Realme ui vs Color os

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Google Tangi App – TikTok Alternative

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why non-removable battery in smartphones

Why Non-removable Battery in Smartphones

In this time almost all smartphones are providing their smartphones with non-removable batteries. With the change in technology, every smartphone company is providing a non-removable battery for various reasons.  why non-removable battery... Read more »
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Samsung vs Redmi Xiaomi Which is Best?

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What is Safe Mode in Mobile?

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