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Carpet Removal Is Not As Simple As You Think

Carpet Removal

Are you so over your carpet that you’d love to tear it up right now? As you may have been watching a plethora of instructions online, the job appears to be easy as pie. Before you start to head over heels, it might be a good idea to consider why it’s not such an easy job. There’s a reason as to why there are experts who take care of carpet removals. A carpet removal by a pro is neither as expensive. Check out this link if you decide to better leave it to someone who knows what he’s doing.

A wall-to-wall carpet makes your room more homely. You’ve got that soft surface underneath your feet that provides you with that little bit of extra warmth. It generally gives a room a warmer appeal than with hardwood flooring. Area rugs are incredibly easy to remove, though. If you’re sick and tired of them, you just throw them out. Until then you can thoroughly clean them on a regular basis. That’s not the case with wall-to-wall carpet. Most carpets will last at least about ten years before you decide to take them out. Depending on your personal style, it might also be a little sooner. Or if there are stains on your carpet you can’t seem to clean. A carpet removal requires that you pull it up completely and take it out of the room, of course. It looks easier than done.

Clear the room – in its entirety

Before you can remotely start with carpet removal, you have to clear the room. Not a single piece of furniture is allowed to be left in the room. That could impose a problem with extremely bulky furniture that’s heavy to shove from one place to another. Moreover, you need a place where you can leave all the stuff. No home is furnished in a way that you could easily leave certain furniture items in other rooms. Therefore opting for services like in can be a huge help by providing you with a large container to make a temporary place for the furnitures.

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Make it easier from the get-go

If you left this bulky and heavy china cupboard in the room, or also a piano in this matter, the carpet removal will be a lot harder to do. You’ll have to push the piece around over and over again. It’s not the most convenient thing to do. Removing furniture from the room that requires carpet removal is easier with a buddy. Or with the help of a professional who has some extra equipment.

Pulling up carpet is more difficult than you think

Your wall-to-wall carpet is attached to the floor with tack strips along the walls. These tack strips are narrow pieces of wood and attached with countless nails. They’re should have enough grip to keep your carpet in place for years to come. For carpet removal, you have to pry the carpet from these tack strips. Albeit you may have a pry bar, it does require a lot of strength from you. Most often than not, this is the part where most first-time carpet removal DIYers give up.

Stronger than it looks

Your carpet could have been in the room for twenty years and still be in place. That’s probably because of the power of the tack strips. If you don’t have a strong back, you better have a pro come in to take care of the carpet removal. Yet alone getting a grip at the old carpet to remove it from the tack strips might be trickier than you think.

Glue and staples

Aside from these genius tack strips, your carpet is furthermore attached to the floor with either staples or glue. In both cases, it requires a lot of strength from you to pull it up at all. If your carpet is attached with staples, it might be a little easier. However, the staples have been there to keep the carpet nice and neat in place for years to come. Those are stronger staples than those you’d use to staple some sheets of paper. If your carpet is glued to the floor, it might impose yet another difficulty.

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All eyes on the glue

Most glues deteriorate over time, others don’t. If the glue is still well intact, you’ll have to use a scraper to remove the glue. Should it not work, you’ll have to use either steam or hot water on your carpet to make it more pliable. As you can see, the carpet removal might require a lot more effort and time from you than you initially thought. It’s not an easy task at all.

Carpet is bulky

If you had a really thin carpet in your home then this may not apply to you. However, then it’s probably of poor quality. The carpet is heavy and bulky. Let’s imagine you manage to remove the carpet from the tack strips and the floor underneath. You usually start in the farthest corner of the room to pull it up. To make it a little easier, it’s usually done with pliers until you can get a grip with your bare hands. However, you’ll still need a lot of strength to pull up the carpet.  Before you know it, you’re wrapped in large and bulky pieces of carpet. It’s best to cut it up into pieces with a knife, but also keep in mind for this step that your carpet is thick. 

The issue of cutting through a carpet 

Cutting through carpet is not as easy and you probably need several attempts. Of course, you can leave it one piece and roll it up neatly. But you’ll have to take out the carpet for junk removal or to take it to a dumping site yourself. As bulk as carpet is, it is also rather heavy which makes it hard to handle for one person.

The question of disposal

Last, but not least, you’ll have to take care of the adequate disposal. Not every waste management facility accepts carpets. The next one which does might be far away. You’ll also have to think about it if it can be recycled. If so, where are you going with your carpet? A professional carpet removal will take care also of this last step. They’re not only equipped with the teeth to do the job correctly with all eventualities that could occur.

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