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Best Gifts for Grandparents


Whether a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or just because you want to show appreciation, if you’re looking for the best gifts for grandparents, we’ve got you covered. From personalised gift ideas for your sentimental grandma to fine-dining food hampers, we have something to suit every taste. 

Here are our top ideas when it comes to the best gifts for grandparents:   

Personalised Gifts

Nothing can express gratitude and affection better than a gift that has been made specifically for its recipient. Any grandparent would appreciate a custom made jigsaw or calendar with pictures of their grandchildren. There are many online shops that let you create personalised gifts, from engraved jewellery to personalised mugs and t-shirts and much more. 

Photo Album

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can get for your grandparents, no matter the occasion, is a photo album with all of your dearest family moments together. If your grandparents are more tech savvy, you could even go for a digital picture frame. This way you can include not only pictures but also family videos from previous birthdays or Christmas celebrations. 

Food Hampers

Arguably one of the most common gifts for grandparents is a good old-fashioned food hamper. Anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate a beautifully decorated Gift baskets filled with decadent treats like artisan chocolate bars, biscuits, chocolate covered nuts and much more. 

If you know your grandparents prefer savoury snacks, then you can opt for a cheese and crackers hamper. You can also get hampers inspired by different countries’ national cuisines. A hamper inspired by a holiday destination you have visited with your grandma and grandpa will be a very mindful way to remind them of precious moments you’ve spent together. 

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Fine Wine

A bottle of fine wine is an excellent gift for grandparents, especially if the occasion calls for it. Great examples of fine wines that would be ideal presents for your loved family members include Pinot Noir, Port, Merlot or Champagne. If you want  to find the best wines for a gift, you should trust specialised online retailers such as From Vineyards Direct

Afternoon Tea Vouchers

One thing that all grandparents love is afternoon tea. If your nan and pop have a favourite spot for afternoon tea, a great gift to get would be a voucher for a full afternoon tea. If your grandparents prefer to explore different tea rooms, another brilliant present for them would be an experience voucher that includes different locations so they can choose a place themselves. 

Gardening Accessories

The best gift for grandparents with a green thumb would be anything to help in the garden. Whether it’s a new planter, planting kit, a set of garden accessories or a new exotic plant, any gardener would appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into choosing a gift suitable for their hobby. 

Cosy Slippers or Dressing Gown

Any grandparent would appreciate a cosy treat like a warm dressing gown, a pair of comfy slippers or a fluffy blanket. To make them personalised you can get a matching set for both your grandma and grandpa, and get their initials embroidered on them. What is a better way to gift your grandparents with something that is both thoughtful and practical? 

Journals and Books

Older people always enjoy quiet hobbies such as reading a good book. Books are a great idea when you’re looking for gifts for your grandparents. Crime novels and history books are some of the ones most popular with people of retirement age. 

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Many people of the older generation also like to have a physical journal so they can write down important dates, plan their shopping and note down things they need to remember. A personalised notebook or a planning diary can be another great gift idea for your grandparents that is suitable for every occasion. 

Spa Day 

A relaxing spa day experience is another one of the activities your grandparents would most definitely enjoy. Generally, when it comes to spa experiences you can choose between ones that include a number of treatments or the complete package. Treatments usually include massages, facial treatments, relaxing masks or body treatments such as mud baths or aromatherapy. 

There is truly no better way to show your grandparents how much you appreciate them than gifting them a relaxing day full of pampering. 

So there you have it – our ideas for the best gifts for grandparents! If you need more inspiration, other gifts the older members of your family would enjoy include home accessories like candles or picture frames, shopping gift cards, newspaper subscriptions or themed boxes such as monthly DIY boxes, snack subscriptions and more. 

When the recipient is someone that you know as closely as your granddad or grandma, it’s easy to find something they will love. And as the old saying goes, at the end of the day “It’s the thought that counts”! 


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