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Top 5 Best Business Bank Accounts with High-Speed Online Banking

Best Business Bank Accounts

If you’re conducting any small or a big business, it’s essential to have a business account. Yes, it can make many things easy to circulate, and you’ll become able to make a payment without any difficulties. But do you know what the best business bank accounts are?

Well, to get a good response in your business, you should use a business account. It’ll help you in experiencing a hassle-free transaction and provide you with a user-friendly service as well. That’s why choosing the best business bank account is very important.

All banks have not the same terms and conditions, criteria to open up a new account. So, you need to follow up on different rules to open a new account. Here, we will provide you with a good idea of these bank accounts.

If you’re looking to open the best online banking account, you can go with any of these banks to do so. To know all about those top-rated and highly secured banking platforms, stay with us until the end.

How Business Account Help you in Scaling up your business?

A business account helps you in several perspectives for scaling up your business. Here, I’ll provide you with a decent idea over this.

Hassle-Free Transaction

Here, you’ll get to experience a hassle-free transaction. So, you can send your money with a single click; yes, all these banks make all the transaction hassle-free and provide you with a top-rated service as well.

To experience such a remarkable service in your fingerprint, you can choose any of these banking platforms that we are going to list over here.

Yes, you can go for any of these banking partners to enhance your ultimate banking experience.

Fastest Service

With all these bank accounts, you’ll surely secure the fastest service, and it’ll provide you with the top-rated service as well. So, to experience a quality banking operation with user-friendly behavior, you can go with any of these listed banks.

All these services are supremely secure, and it’ll provide you with a quality working experience as well. So, you can go with any of these services.

Mobile-Friendly Banking

All these banks come with mobile-friendly banking technology. You can operate all of your banking activity through your mobile. So, it’ll surely make all of your work easy to conduct and provide you with a top-class service as well.

So, to experience such a good service with all the premium features, you can go with any of these listed business accounts. You’ll be undoubtedly be benefited from these.

Top-Rated Best Business Bank Accounts

Here, we will rank all the top-rated and best business bank accounts that you can use to experience hassle-free transactions.

All these banks come with premium features and top-class appearance. So, you can go with any of these business bank accounts to secure such an impressive service.

ICICI Bank Accounts

ICICI Bank is one of the most reputed banks in India. Yes, it’s an International bank, o you’ll secure an international level service with this to run your business on a smooth path, and then you can choose this bank account.

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It comes with a lot of premium and smart features. You can operate this banking through your mobile by using their Net-Banking. It’ll surely make all of your work easy and provide you with the top-rated user experience as well.

Here, you can go for savings or a current account. If you go for the saving accounts, you have to give 10000 for opening a savings account and 25000 for an existing account. Yes, this current account comes with a six-month Zero fund specification.

After that, you need to have a 25000 minimum balance in your account. Yes, it’s pretty cool with this bank. And, with the mobile app of this bank, you’ll get do a lot of things, including bill payment, UPI, shopping, and a lot of things.


  • Here, you’ll get to operate all the things from your mobile.
  • It’s an international bank with a considerable reputation.
  • If you want to experience such a higher level of service, you can go for this banking.
  • ICICI Bank has 4,882 branches across India.

HDFC Bank Accounts

Well, if you’re looking to open the best business bank accounts, they can go for this HDFC Bank. Yes, like the previous bank, t also has a large market cap in India. So, you can choose this bank as well.

It comes with plenty of advanced features and the best quality of banking. So, with this, you’ll surely experience super-fast and hassle-free banking. The net banking feature of this bank makes it quite impressive.

Here, also you need to have 10000 for a savings account and 25000 for a current version. That’s why many small business owners like to use this bank due to all these specific features. So, we have put this bank on this list.

It comes with 15 current bank account options; you can use any of these according to your choices. So, it’s all about you and your requirement to choose your best bank account options.


  • HDFC Bank account comes with a super-fast baking appearance.
  • The Net-banking is supremely advanced and provides you with the top-rated user experience.
  • It works globally; o this bank will provide you with International level service.
  • It’s relatively easy to operate this due to all the user-friendly features.

Axis Bank Current Account

This list is incomplete without the Axis Bank. Like the ICICI bank, it has a considerable market and popularity as well. If you’re a businessman and look to open a business account, you can open an account over here.

This bank account comes with the Zero balance facility. So, you can use it without any hassle. The ultimate features and super-fast Net banking makes this bank very impressive. That’s why we have placed this bank’s name on this list.

Here, you can open a savings or current account according to your requirements. You can open up an account by following several steps on your mobile; upload all the necessary documents, and it’ll be done.

This bank provides you with Internal level service and low-cost International banking as well. That’s why you should use this account to experience top-level banking. So, you can go for this Axis bank current account.


  • Axis bank is the third-largest private sector bank.
  • Here, you’ll get to operate all the things from their mobile app.
  • It comes with seven different standard current account opening options with several advanced facilities.
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State Bank of India Current Account

If we talk about the Government bank in India, then the State bank would be one. It’s a trendy brand and comes with the most significant customer base. If you want to open your current bank account, you can go with this bank.

You can operate this bank and all the functions through the Net-banking or mobile-app as well. So, it makes banking easy forever. It’s one of the oldest banks in India with a lot of advanced and quality features.

Though it has such popularity, I wouldn’t say I like this bank and service due to many causes. For the business, you can go with this bank and open up your first business account. I hope you’ll get a better experience with this bank.

It has the largest ATM chain in India. So, you’ll get to watch ATMs of this bank in all over India. So, you can get a membership to this bank. It’ll undoubtedly be benefited for you and experience such smooth banking.


  • It’s a Government control bank in India.
  • Here, you’ll get a super smooth financial experience.
  • Well, it comes with the biggest ATMs chain that will provide you with the best service. So, you can do banking from every corner of India.

Kotak Mahindra Account

Kotak Mahindra is also a trendy bank, and it comes under the Mahindra Group of companies. If we rank the top five bigger banks in India, then Kotak will surely take its position. So, we have put this bank on this list.

If you want to experience super smooth banking, then you can go for this Kotak Mahindra Bank. Here, you’ll get many specific features and control your whole account from your mobile phone. Yes, this feature makes this bank very impressive.

You can open up a new account in Kotak bank without visiting over there. It’s relatively easy with Kotak; you can use their mobile application or directly reach their customer executives to open up an account.

You can apply for your first credit card after opening an account. Yes, you should have 18,000 INR FD. On which, you can apply for a new credit card. So, it makes this bank quite impressive and found terrific to the users.


  • ING Vyasa becomes the partner of Kotak Mahindra.
  • You can customize the packages or account according to your business and requirements.
  • It worked globally, and here it comes with a considerable market place as well.
  • If you want to explore your banking experience, then you can go for this service.

Conclusion about Best Business Bank Accounts

There are many banks in India, but choosing the best business bank accounts with high-speed online banking is tricky. But here we have done this work for you depending upon the recent performance of these banks.

If you want to scale up your business by selecting the best business bank accounts, you can go with any of these listed banks. All banks come with useful features and super-advanced banking technology that will surely enhance your banking experience.

Here, we have covered all the things on the best business bank account with online banks, features, and many other things. This discussion will surely help you in choosing the right bank to scale up your business.

I hope you like this overall discussion. If you have any questions regarding banking or any of these banks, please reach us via comment. Share this information with your friends. Stay tuned for the next update, and thanks for reading.

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