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Belviq’s Cancer Risk

Belviq’s Cancer

Belviq’s cancer is a drug used to treat obesity disorder, especially in adults. The cure is also best known as Lorcaserin hydrochloride. Obesity is the state in which a person has excessive fat accumulated in the body. When a person takes in more calories than they are required in the body, the body itself can’t process the calories; thus, the fat settles on the body causing more problems and risk of heart disease among others. Doctors highly recommend overweight persons to do a lot of exercises and activities to shed excess fat in the body.

Symptoms of Obesity- Belviq’s Cancer

You may see yourself gaining weight and think that it’s normal, but there are signs you need to look out for.

You are having shortness of breath time and again. When you are obese, you have excess weight on the chest area, making the chest muscles not work appropriately, thus dyspnoea.

Excessive sweating. A person with average weight sweats, especially when performing a heavy task or when the heat is too much. But an obese person tends to sweat excessively. This happens because he is straining in doing activities as his body is heavy. Obese people have low surface area compared to their weight, thus making their bodies work extra hard to cool down.

Difficult in sleeping. Being overweight may also change your sleeping pattern. You were used to sleeping on your back and sleeping all through the night. However, things have changed, and your metabolism during sleeping has changed, and you need to sleep on your side for health and safety purposes. Now adapting to this becomes a  problem.

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Methods of Losing Weight.

Most doctors recommend a patient lose weight naturally, e.g., by eating healthy foods and more so fibers to assist you in properly digesting food.

Eating mindfully is also a suitable method of losing weight. Eating mindfully means you need to check the way you eat and your position. You need to eat slowly and mind the position you are in.

Cutting out sugary foods and carbohydrates can work your body off and get you back to good health.

Some doctors tend to prescribe to their patients medication that can assist them in losing weight faster.This includes Bupropion-naltrexone,Orlistat,Belviq,Liraglutide etc. For these drugs to be used, they need to be tested and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. On the above list of drugs, Belviq is a drug that has been declined due to the harmful effect it causes to the patients. It is a stimulant.

Research has shown that belviq is a high chance of resulting in cancer, in other words, Belviq’s cancer risk. This may differ if the patient may have other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Patients that have used belviq drugs and are diagnosed  with any type of cancer, e.g., pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, etc.,

A law firm, TorHoerman Law,  helps patients who have been diagnosed with cancer through belviq drug. They ensure that patients have been fully reimbursed.


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