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Auto scrapping and recycling market: Is the junkyard a place to make money

Contrary to the laws of logic, all advanced technologies aimed at reducing the likelihood of accidents benefit landfills. You might like this article if you thought about how much does a junkyard pay for a car. Of course, LiDAR sensors and autopilot systems installed in the bumper reduce the possibility of accidents, but vehicles that do get into serious accidents remain in better condition, and they are easier to resell to new buyers. And since it is expensive or impossible to repair high-tech components in the latest car models, insurance companies simply refuse to pay for it – even if we are talking about minor accidents, damage from which ten years ago was covered without any doubt.

In turn, the JunkCarsUs team would like to draw your attention to the point that at the beginning of the pandemic, people were less likely to drive, and as a result, the number of accidents decreased, forcing insurance companies to cover fewer cars. The decrease in the number of emergency vehicles meant that the junkyards had to pay more for each one individually. But because of the increase in prices, companies’ profits from selling repairable cars went up. Great business. Prices go up? The company makes a profit. Prices go down? Profits again.

The essence of the recycling business idea

The business idea of organizing your own business to realize your entrepreneurial potential does not at all imply any participation in the state recycling program. It is a tried and tested business, based not exactly on recycling, and not on recycling old cars into scrap metal… Many cars have been surrendered for recycling under the state program. But not every owner of an old car is ready to buy a new car from the range of offered models, which could be purchased under this state program.

  1. The first, test phase of the scrap page of old cars was recently completed and brought some optimistic results.
  2. In anticipation of the next wave, and getting into the program for recycling, are not only those who have only one outdated car.
  3. According to the rules of this program, one individual with more than one car is not able to receive compensation for the purchase of a new vehicle.
  4.  In the resulting pause and not only that, there is an opportunity to expand your business on “recycling”.

Buying out used cars as is required by the state scrap page program, the car must be “on the run”. Malfunctioning, albeit pretty “shabby time,” can be restored and brought to a condition suitable for operation. You can repair the car, buy it for a bargain price and sell it not as a new one, but as a used one, but in good working order. Such an event promises a profit that can be extracted from the car’s restoration cycle. The term “recycling” is appropriate here in the sense of the business of restoring and reselling used cars. A second-hand market for used cars exists as it is.

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