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All about Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source

Renewable Energy Source

You may have heard of solar power, hydropower, and even wind power, but do you know about biomass? Biomass energy has been around and has been used since the times of cavemen. It was used to make fires to cook and keep people warm.  It is one of the most underrated and unknown renewable energy sources that allows easy transition to net-zero. So continue reading to find all about biomass- Renewable Energy Source.

What is biomass?

Biomass is an organic matter that comes from plants or animals that can be used for generating power. It is used in the same manner as coal to produce power, but biomass has much lower carbon emissions than coal. Businesses can use biomass to meet their energy needs alongside other energy sources to lower their carbon footprint.

Where can biomass be found?

  •         Biomass can be found in animals and plants. The sources of biomass include:
  •         Animal’s uneaten food and other wasted things like animal manure
  •         Agricultural residues and crops include sugar cane, corn, algae, woody plants, and residues from food processing.
  •         Wood and by-products of wood processing and production, including wood pallets, wood chips, wood pulp, lumber and sawdust, and firewood.
  •         Biogenic materials in waste like cotton, paper, wood, food, and wool wastes.

These biomass sources can be used to generate energy and thus reduce carbon footprint and improve the environment. So, just how sustainable is it?

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The biomass used for generating power needs to meet strict standards to be certified as a renewable source. Due to these measures and standards, biomass is a more renewable and cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. 

Since there is a continuous supply of waste from the furniture and paper industry in the form of wood by-products, biogenic materials, waste from home construction company, and other such activities, renewable energy production can continue easily. 

So biomass is also a renewable source for energy production because waste residues will always be present, and there will be some form of waste products available.

How is it used to generate energy?

Biomass is used in the same manner as other sources like gas or coal to generate energy. Still, biomass produces energy with considerably lower carbon emissions. This renewable source can be converted to renewable energy through different processes, including:

  •         Direct combustion to generate heat for buildings and industrial processes or to produce electricity through huge turbines
  •         Chemical conversions to generate liquid power
  •         Thermochemical conversion liquid, gas, and solid power
  •         Biological conversion to generate liquid and gas power

Over the last decade, renewable energy has increased, lowering carbon emissions and thus helping improve the environment. Since biomass is a source that can easily be used when needed, it helps in balancing the grid.

It also allows meeting the demands for renewable energy even when the wind or the sun cannot be used. If you want to learn more about renewable energy and how to switch to it, you can visit utility bidder.

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Biomass is one of the most overlooked renewable energy sources because trees are continually being grown, and waste is continually being produced. It has been around since the beginning, and every one of us has witnessed biomass energy by burning wood in a fireplace. So biomass allows us to use wastes that would otherwise be used as landfills and generate renewable energy to power buildings and industries, thus reducing carbon footprint.

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