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Airport Procedures: Step by step

Airport Procedures

Airport Procedures

  • Make sure you have the tickets printed out (boarding pass if you did web check-in).
  • Make sure you are carrying an ID Document.
  • Weight your luggage so that it stays within permissible limits (usually 15Kg for check-in and 7 for carrying). For details, just visit our URL page VIP airport connection services –, and you will receive all answers to your questions.
  • Reach the airport at least an hour and a half before the flight.
  • Find the correct terminal if there are multiple terminals.
  • At the entrance, the airport security will ask you to show your tickets/boarding pass and ID proof and will let you in.
  • Go straight to the luggage scanner of your airline and scan your check-in luggage and get it tagged.
  • Now go to the counter of your airline and show them your ticket/boarding pass (If you haven’t done web check-in you will get your boarding pass now and can usually pick a seat). They will take your check-in luggage and you will next see it in your destination airport.
  • Head to the security check area and get yourself and your carrying luggage security checked. Depending on the Airport and the security personnel they may ask you to remove your jackets/shoes/belt, etcetera.
  • Now move to the gates area and find a seat and wait for your flight number to appear on the screens / announced.
  • Once the flight starts boarding head to the correct gate and show them your boarding pass and they will let you through.
  • Depending on the airport you will either walk straight to the flight / be taken in a bus to the flight / walk through the aerobridge directly into the flight
  • Here your boarding pass will again be verified and the personnel will usually tear away a portion of it.
  • Now find your seat, put your luggage in the upper bins (under the seat in front of you if they are full), put on your seat belt, and turn your phone into airplane mode.
  • Wait for the flight to take off.
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VIP airport Fast Track services 

Our Airport Fast Track services will help you to reduce the time you spend at the airport. Using fast track lanes you will avoid stressful waste of time waiting for the flight check-in and other airport formalities. We offer an ideal solution for the people whose activity is connected with frequent business trips. Upon arrival or departure, our greeter will escort you speedily through passport control, customs, immigration, and coordinate luggage assistance. You will definitely gain from the benefits of our service, in case the connecting time between two flights is limited.

How to book VIP airport service?

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