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Advice for a beginner e-smoker


So, you decided to quit smoking customary cigarettes and instead opt for the electronic ones. This is a big decision as the two lifestyles will be pretty different, of course, how similar you want the experience to be is totally up to you, but we’ll get into that in a second. As a beginner, you probably already know some surface level knowledge about the world of e-smoking, however, there is always something new to learn when entering a new world. Here we’ll answer two important questions that beginner e-smoker typically ask themselves.

What e-cigarette or e-smoker should I use as a beginner?

You have most definitely seen all of the different e-cigarettes out there. Big, small, reusable, or disposable. There are a lot out there, and each type of e-cigarette has many different versions. So asking yourself which one would be the best to use as a first-timer is not a dumb question. 

Typically, experienced e-smokers guide the rookies to simple and disposable e-cigarettes. That isn’t a wrong decision per se, though there are reusable e-cigarettes that inexperienced users can get their hands on.

One example is the Juul. Juul’s are a brand of e-cigarette that is typically shaped like a USB stick. You can replace the Juul pods, which are the small cartridges that hold the e-liquid meant to be vaporized, can be replaced and some of them can also be refilled. Juuls are very easy to use, all you need to do is make sure they are charged and that’s it, you can take a hit of it through the top of it and you don’t need to press any buttons.

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Another good beginner e-cigarette is the pod mod. These e-cigarettes are also small and simple to use, rechargeable and have the ability to replace the pods once they are empty. Pod mods have a higher nicotine content in their e-liquid making it a better fit for smokers trying to quit using traditional cigarettes.

What E-liquid should I start with?

E-liquids are the liquids that the e-cigarette vaporizes. This vapor is what you’ll inhale, and they come in a multitude of different flavors. Knowing what e-liquid to choose is important if you are transitioning to becoming an e-smoker because of the nicotine contents in the liquids. Not all e-liquids contain nicotine in them, but nonetheless, it is recommended that ex traditional smokers use a certain amount of nicotine in their e-liquid for a better adjustment.

There are recommendations on the strength of nicotine certain ex-smokers should use, though the science isn’t exact. This is why it is typically suggested that you start with e-liquid that has 12mg of nicotine in it, and then further alter that amount according to your specific familiarity, and slowly get e-liquid with less and less nicotine if that is the goal.

Now for the fun part of choosing your e-liquid, the flavor. As mentioned before, there are thousands of different flavors and even possibilities to create your own unique one. They range in many different spectrums of taste, there are sweet flavors, bitter flavors, sour flavors, and even savory flavors.

There is a lot more information about just these couple of questions that beginners ask themselves. So stay curious and feel free to do more research like at Mr, where there are a lot of different types of e-cigarettes and e-liquids that may pique your curiosity and help you on your e-smoker journey.

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