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5 Trending Technologies that Students Need to Keep an Eye for

The way technology is progressing, I am sure there will be a day when each of us will have our personal robots to do our daily chores. To name one internet is the biggest example!

From doing homework to finding the best references for their study to online tutorials and courses to enhance their skills, the internet has given them a lot.

If you are one of those students who think technology is making us lazy, I would say you are right, but there’s no point in missing out on treats.

Here I list down the 5 most intelligent and TRENDING inventions of technology for students to enjoy.

  • Smart pens

Smart pens have totally evolved the practice of note-making for students. For the unknown smart pens are the pens that permit a student to digitally record every note during classes and lectures. This is done by means of software which is capable of digitalising handwritten text. But, wait, the perks do not end here. The pen comes with a sensitive microphone for recording audio notes. You can upload these notes and use them for reference and study purposes via various smart pen software. While using them via the software, you can edit the notes, listen to the audio and even coincide the audio with the period when you wrote the note.

You can also upload these notes and recordings onto cloud-based programs like Google Docs, Evernote etc., for later references. Therefore, using smart pens, you can now smartly make notes. So, whether you are using it to record a lecture or you are using it during any field trip where you have to take on huge record data, smart pens can be very useful.

  • Digital textbooks
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Imagine a literature student carrying hard copies of all of Shakespeare’s work in their backpack. Now that is a lot of hard work in the actual sense. Okay, so then imagine having an e-reader or a tablet where you can store the digital version of Shakespeare’s all work alongside several other writers. In the latter case, the student only needs to carry the tablet or the e-reader instead of carrying bundles of heavy books, hence giving some rest to their back muscles. Which one do you think will you prefer?

If you ask me, I would, of course without any doubt, go for the second option and I am sure you would too. For this reason alone, the practice of using an e-reader is becoming one of the most excessively popular mainstream student technology. Another interesting fact is that the digital version of textbooks costs much less than printed forms. You might feel that an e-reader or tablet alone is a costly budget, but then that is a one-time investment. At the end of the day, if you see on a long-term basis, digital textbook actually reduces the cost of education to quite a certain extent.

  • Tech backpacks

As students, it is obvious that you have to carry many things in your backpack – from your water bottle to lunch box to notebooks and gadgets. But no longer do your young shoulders have to bear the burden!

Now you can carry all your necessities without worrying about such accidents. Technology has introduced the concept of tech backpacks that carry all your stuff cleanly and safely. Not only this, but the bag also allows you to charge your electronic gadgets even without any kind of plug socket. These bags run on solar energy panels and therefore are quite eco-friendly as well.

  • Virtual keyboards
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Whether you are using a laptop or a tab, a keyboard is an essential important component. From the early ages, ever since the invention of computers, keyboards have witnessed a lot of evolution. But today we have access to virtual keyboards. This particular type of keyboard uses laser technology and functions as a wireless device.

You can connect this device to any compatible gadget via Bluetooth. The keyboard device itself is not much bigger than a small palm-fitting box. It simply stands on your working desk and, once turned on, issues a laser QWERTY keyboard for you to type on directly.


  • Noise-cancelling headphones

Okay, I have to admit, not only for students, noise cancellation headphones have saved the back of many. These headphones are the best choice for music lovers who prefer to listen to their music undisturbed by external noises. Several students prefer putting on headphones and turning on slow music for better focus. But if using the normal headphones, you actually cannot bar the outside noises. You can do so only by using noise-cancellation ones.

Doesn’t it already feel relaxing and soothing? Believe me, it is!


Final Thoughts

So it is actually making our lives a lot easier to deal with. Let’s just hope that day comes the soonest!

About the author

Emma Grace is a full-time educator and a part-time counsellor at a renowned career consultancy service in Australia. You can also check tool page suggestions by her like Quadratic Equation Solver Spell Checker

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