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4 Tips For Improving Your Betting At CS:GO

csgo betting

CS:GO is an easy game to learn, but is harder when it comes to betting in this discipline. Thus, no matter how experienced you are as a player, there is always room for improvement. Obviously, information is the key for making well-thought betting at CS:GO forecasts. For example, even if some wagers on teams have a high value on the money line, it doesn’t mean that they are the best option to choose.

With this in mind, we will point out the top five tips that have been tested by many professional bettors. These suggestions have nothing to do with enjoying the game and taking the issue of betting easy. On the contrary, they require a lot of practice and time to start working well for you, improve your statistics and, most importantly – increase your chances of winning.

Here are our suggestions:

Focus on a Team Play

First of all, if you want to wager on a team, it is super important to understand that in CS:GO, the coordination of individual players in a perfect group can lead the team to victory. Therefore, try to not get obsessed with bets that have high value but don’t have a well-organized team play at the same time.

In CS:GO, as in other sports, you can see some teams with the best players, but the winners of this game are often the ones with the best communication with each other. That’s what solidifies a formation.

Therefore, before placing a bet, make sure you know the facts as follows:

  • what gameplay mechanics the team has;
  • what are the profile and statistics of each player in a team;
  • how long they have been playing together;
  • how many hours of play they have;
  • what their usual positions are;
  • which bomb site they prefer to hold when playing on the counter-terrorist side;
  • which bomb site they can take when playing on the attacking side.
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Watch Professional Tournaments

To improve your betting performance at CS:GO, you need to watch many games in this discipline. Whether you are only interested in big championships or whether you are looking for less popular tournaments, there are many options for improvement. Many CS:GO championships are available on YouTube or Twitch. As for the dates, we recommend you to check, where you can monitor all match dates, results, map scores, players’ stats, and many other CS:GO data. 

During watching the top players’ games, pay close attention to the things listed below:

  • Focus on not more than 3 different teams.
  • See which style one team uses against the other teams.
  • Consider the resources that each team manages to gather per match.
  • Understand how good the coordination is among team members.
  • Take a look at the types of angles players hold on certain maps.

Pay Attention to Maps

Another issue you should take into account when betting on CS:GO is maps, especially the possibility of vetoing a map.

There are 7 different active maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Dust II
  • Vertigo
  • Ancient

These maps make the game very particular because the teams for each map, depending on the side, should create different strategies. Therefore, if a group is not exactly the favorite, but in statistics it proves to be very strong on a map, that information would be useful when betting on the winner by map.

On the other hand, at the beginning of the game, contestants can block a map of their opponent. This means that one team vetoes the scenarios where their opponent has the highest winning percentage and vice versa. Hence, it is imperative to know the maps on which a team is best handled and in which it suffers the most.

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Check Different Bookies

We recommend searching for different betting sites since not all operators present the same tournaments and offer the same odds. It’s also a good idea to register at different bookmakers. This way, you will have more material to observe and place better bets. Below we present more aspects on how to evaluate a good platform.

Coverage of CS:GO tournaments

Virtually all bookmakers allow players to bet on big tournaments, especially the final ones. However, it speaks very well of a bookmaker if there is a great coverage of other less popular championships and leagues, as well as qualifying dates, and so on.

On the other hand, any choice should depend on your betting needs. Thus, if you are only interested in big events, you can compare other parameters like odds quality or user interface.

Quality of Odds

Likewise, when it comes to choosing a betting platform, make sure that it offers high/over average odds for the most relevant competitions. There are many platforms that automatically compare the odds from different bookmakers. However, you can also do it manually if you want to. Just choose a bet of your desire and select a platform with the best possible outcome for this.

A Final Word

As you can see, CS:GO is an exciting video game, not only for those who play it, but also for those who bet on it. Moreover, this discipline has the longest history in the eSports world, which makes it easy to find information and stats of players and teams. Therefore, it is available for everyone to start making more accurate predictions at CS:GO. Best results can be achieved with the tips mentioned above.

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