4 Netflix Movies You Should Check Out This Month (August 2022)

The Next 365 Days, the third and final film in the infamous erotic not-so-thriller trilogy that has somehow taken Netflix by storm, has received the most buzz this week. We don’t think you should watch it unless you like bad movies or are desperate for titillation, but it’s famous for whatever reason (the reason is wanton nudity). 

Watch a movie from our list of the best Netflix movies right now, such as Jamie Foxx’s over-the-top horror comedy Day Shift or the endearing animated family film The Sea Beast.

The Grey Man

This mega-budget action thriller from Endgame and Infinity War directors the Russo brothers is Ryan Gosling’s first film since 2018. He plays Court Gentry, a CIA black ops agent trying to avoid being captured or killed by his former colleague Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), a psychopath with a mustache. Netflix attempts to create a James Bond-style franchise from the ground up. We’ll see how things go. Meanwhile, you can see watch this morning while you earn from real money pokies online.

The Sea Beast

Most Netflix original kids movies are re-dubs of second-tier CGI films from foreign studios. Still, The Sea Beast, directed by Chris Williams of Moana and Big Hero 6, looks like a legitimate contender for best family film of the year. A young girl stows away on her idol’s ship to assist him in his hunt for massive sea creatures, resulting in seafaring adventure and action.

Day Shift

Jamie Foxx stars as an LA-area father whose job as a pool cleaner is a cover for his true job as a vampire hunter in this gory action-horror-comedy film. But Foxx isn’t the main attraction. The film’s real stars are the fight coordinators and stunt performers who perform incredible contortions in the numerous bloodsucker brawls. 

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J.J. Perry, a longtime stunt coordinator and second-unit director specializing in action scenes making his feature debut, directs the film produced by the same people who make the John Wick franchise. Did you catch Snoop Dogg in it?


This is a South Korean action film in the Indonesian style, with a bare-bones plot serving as a loose justification for a never-ending stream of over-the-top action sequences that will send your dopamine and adrenaline soaring. Car chases, helicopter chases, gunfights, fistfights, you name it, it’s in this film. Joo Won plays the title character. 

A Bourne-like amnesiac assassin tasked with transporting a girl to North Korea during a devastating pandemic by a mysterious voice in his ear that tells him where to go and how to avoid being killed by CIA and North Korean operatives who want the girl for their sinister purposes. You can also click the following link to know the best real money online casino games this year. 

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