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4 Lovely Flower Decoration Ideas To Make Your Home Refreshing

Flower Decoration Ideas

Flowers are undoubtedly some of the most magnificent creations we can find in nature. They’re colorful, beautiful, and fragrant, and because of that, we always light up whenever we see them. There’s just something about the simplicity in the beauty of flowers that lifts our moods and makes us feel better.  For that reason, it’s an excellent idea to create decorations using flowers. We can place these decorations throughout our house — that way, our home will become extra beautiful and refreshing.  But what are the best floral decorations for your house? To help you with this endeavor, here are some flower decoration ideas that you can create yourself. 

Flower Chandelier 

When we go inside someone’s house, one of the first things we notice is the chandelier. Chandeliers are elegant by nature, so it only makes sense that they capture the attention of everyone who enters a home. 

That said, you can make your own spin on the classic chandelier look by transforming it into a floral chandelier. To do this, you can use the chandelier that you have — or if you don’t have one right now, you can purchase one from a thrift store. Then, you tie flowers around the perimeter of the chandelier. 

Once you hang this floral chandelier on your ceiling, it will undoubtedly delight anyone who sees it. 

Glass-Framed Pressed Flowers

Fresh flowers are a marvelous sight for sure, but pressed flowers are just as pretty. Pressed flowers evoke a rustic and classic feel, thus making them perfect if your preferred aesthetic is countryside-themed. 

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Making pressed flowers is easy: you only have to press fresh flowers with something heavy. The only tricky part is that you have to wait for at least three to four weeks before you can take out the flowers.

Once you’ve made pressed flowers, you can place them in a glass frame and hang that frame anywhere in your house. 

Hanging Potted Flowers

Another simple way you can showcase beautiful flowers without putting too much effort is to use hanging pots. You can easily purchase hanging pots in any store, and once you have a few in your possession, fill those pots with your favorite flowers. 

After that, you find a spot to hang these pots. You can choose to hang the pots inside the house, but ideally, you should place them outside — maybe on your porch or backyard. That way, the flowers can still get the sunlight they need, and your visitors will be greeted with beautiful flowers before they even step inside the house. 

Beaded Floral Decor

Some people decide to spruce their windows and doorframes by hanging beaded strings. You can adopt the same decor idea, but instead of using beads throughout, you can add flower blooms into the mix. 

This creative decoration will make your bedroom door stand out from the rest of the house. You can also place the beaded floral decor on your living room window so as to add more color and vibrancy to the place. 


Decorating your house may seem like a terrifying challenge. You might not know what aesthetic to go for, and decor items can be costly. 

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Luckily, there is a way to decorate your house without spending a lot of money — and the end result is just as splendid. And that is to use flowers and create floral decorations yourself.

Above are a few flower decoration ideas that you can try out. So, choose which idea you like, and in no time, your home will look even better than before.

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